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A Simple Technique to Get into Abundance - NOW

It happens to everyone. It's one of those days where everything feels blocked, you're frustrated and the dread creeps in because your financial flow feels like it is stuck. You desperately search high and low for any ways to get the cash flow up but it seems to have disappeared. What do you do now?

Perhaps you call all your clients to check in and see if there is anything "additional" you can help them out with.

Maybe you throw together a quick email campaign for a product you have on the back burner.

Or maybe you sink into that dread and let the fear take over. The thoughts of what you have to give up now that the money is slowing down gets you into a massive funk. Your dreams are caving in...Ugh...why is this so hard!

Then the monkey chatter starts.

"I am just as talented as all those "other success stories." What's wrong with me? Why can't I make more money? What is the secret that I'm missing out on?"

There is no secret. You can make more money. You are just as talented. You just have limiting beliefs that have caused you to make up a story about why money is stuck in your life. And that story is being told - consciously and unconsciously - over and over again. So the world has no choice but to support your story.

I know this story. Backwards and forwards. I lived it for 37 years. But you don't have to live it anymore. There is a way to STOP that story and replace it with one of abundance. The problem is that most people won't ever do it on their own. But if you are someone who can, I'll give you a very powerful technique to send financial breakdown "packing" so you can start enjoying a massive flow of wealth right now.

It all starts in your inner game - your beliefs, your focus, your thoughts.

And right now, you can transform those beliefs by starting with this process.

Realize that abundance is all around us. It's like a river that flows constantly. I like to see myself in a beautiful boat, with a team of people who help me row the boat while I stand at the bow and point the direction we are going.

When you feel that your financial flow is stuck, you have chosen to get out of the river for some reason. Sometimes you may forget that the river even exists and are miles away (probably behind mountains.) One of my clients says that when she feels fear about how fast the "river" is flowing, she often clings to a rock in the river so she doesn't have to be in it anymore.

I have a visualization that is very powerful and I'll share it with you now.  Imagine a beautiful area that has a river flowing smoothly. The river shines brightly with twinkling, gold and silver flecks. See yourself moving into the river. You may even see yourself getting into a boat in the river. Notice how easy it is to float effortlessly down this river towards your desired destination. Maybe you see a team of people who are helping you row the boat.

The idea here is to feel what it is like to be in effortless flow. Allow yourself to feel this feeling every day. Or multiple times every day if you notice panic, anxiety or fear creeping in.

2006 Melanie Benson Strick, Success Connections. All rights reserved.

Melanie Benson Strick, The Entrepreneur′s Success Coach, teaches entrepreneurs how to stop feeling overwhelmed so they can create more money, more freedom and more prestige.

Co-author of Visionary Women Inspiring the World: 12 Paths to Personal Power and contributing author to Entrepreneurial Spirits , Melanie is co-creator of The Unstoppable Goals Method: How To Turn Your Ideas into Income in 90 Days.

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"If there be any truer measure of a man than by what he does, it must be by what he gives."

-Robert South 

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