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Tell the Time
This freeware is designed to help children learn to tell the time. The program provides children with access to a speaking play-clock together with exercises in setting a clock to a given time and reading the time from a pre-set clock. Questions can be on whole hours, half hours, quarter hours or five minute intervals. Tell the digital or analogue time. A bonus for students with impaired vision is the large, clear display.

Reading Analogue Clocks

From: Big Learning News
Karen Cole's Guide to Real-World Learning with Kids


There are lots of little games on the web to help kids learn to read analog clocks. I thought this one was the most fun:

But then I got to thinking: The hard part about reading analog clocks is that they all look so different from one another. Some have Roman numerals. Some have no numbers at all. Some don't even have tick marks

So, if your kids have already mastered the basics of reading an analog clock, try this collection:

It has 15 different clock faces for your child to decipher.

More Fun Math for Kids




Make a Rainbow Tank

Looking through the tank, you should notice that objects several metres away appear to be edged in rainbow colours.  Instructions here ...

Video: The octopus and Evaluating Online Resources  


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