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Getting Involved in Your child's Education

When parents are involved in their children's education, kids do better in school. Want to learn how to help your child achieve and succeed? Read on! You'll learn why involvement is so important and suggestions for how to get involved.

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The Taj Mahal


Pivotal Kids Media/Book review



Jane and the Dragon




The Television Series



In Australia Jane is playing at 4.30 weeknights on the ABC.

In the US she is on Qubo on the NBC channel on Saturday mornings.

In the UK she is playing on Milkshake on Channel 5.

Jane is also on air in other countires. Please check with your local broadcasters to see if she is playing on a TV near you.


The Activities


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Write a story using these graphics


Jane's song lyrics



The Book


Jane and the Dragon





by Martin Baynton



From School Library Journal
Kindergarten-Grade 3—Everyone laughs at Jane for wanting to be a knight, except the court jester, who loans her his small suit of armor, and she spends her days practicing knightly duties. When a dragon steals the prince, Jane sets out to rescue him. After a long, wearisome battle, they sit down and talk about what's expected of dragons (stealing the prince) and knights (being men). In the end, she turns an enemy into a friend, returns the prince to his parents, becomes a proper knight with Saturdays off to visit a friend, and dances with the jester at the royal ball. Bathed in a golden light, the whimsical illustrations for this original fairy tale cast a golden glow on Jane's aspirations and adventures. The watery blues and lavenders in the second book are equally fitting and as amusing, as the child and the dragon search for the king's magician, banished from the court because he cannot do a rain spell. Unfortunately, the magician discovers that the missing ingredient is anger, nearly destroying a farming community and Jane's dragon. When the creature is struck by blue lightning and falls into the water below, the youngster saves him and shows the repentant sorcerer that being sorry is only the beginning. Baynton reverses the traditional role of girls in fairy tales and redeems their adversaries. These kindly stories, also an animated TV series, are solid choices.—Mary Jean Smith, Southside Elementary School, Lebanon, TN


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‘Red Rubber Ball’ Bounces in

What is it that excites you, makes you smile and fuels your dreams?

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Fruit & Veggie

Spot the difference



How good is your knowledge of sports?

Play Sports Hangman





Pleasing the picky eater

It's a lot easier to cope with a picky eater when you understand why he is being so particular. Here are some reasons why your child might be the finicky foodie of the block:


Kids in the Kitchen


Scarlett’s Yummy Fairy Cakes