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Getting Involved in Your child's Education

When parents are involved in their children's education, kids do better in school. Want to learn how to help your child achieve and succeed? Read on! You'll learn why involvement is so important and suggestions for how to get involved.

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The Taj Mahal


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Activities & More

These activities are for adults to do with a kid or group of kids. They are simple (and fun!) ways to use Martha's favorite words in everyday life.

Anywhere Activities

No props needed — just talking! Do these anywhere you go.

bullet Car Trip
bullet Shipwrecked
bullet Sing!
bullet Weird Words
bullet What Am I?
bullet Who Stole the Cookie?

At Home Activities

Some props or more space needed. Better to try these at home.

bullet Competition
bullet Cooking
bullet Dress Up
bullet Family Farm
bullet Good or Bad
bullet Guess That Stink
bullet Obstacle Course
bullet Weather Forecaster

More stuff to do with your kids!

bullet Books About Dogs
Family Guide
English (PDF)
Español (PDF)






The Book




by Susan Meddaugh


Ages 4-8.



From Publishers Weekly
With the arrival of Martha, Lassie had best look to her canine laurels. This scintillating story weighs the pros and cons of owning a loquacious pet. Thanks to the apparently magical properties of alphabet soup, unassuming mutt Martha is transformed into the Mr. Ed of the canine world. Unfortunately, the novelty for her human family wears off in a hurry: Martha blabs non-stop and commits numerous gaffes--telling one visitor, "Mom said that fruitcake you sent wasn't fit for a dog. But I thought it was delicious." Meddaugh's ( The Witches' Supermarket ; Tree of Birds ) quirky take on the anthropomorphic pooch proves uproarious. Droll illustrations capture Martha's guileless expressions, her joy at the mastery of speech and her hurt feelings after she's commanded to pipe down. The book may be difficult to read aloud because Martha's not-to-be-missed comments, separate from the main narrative, interrupt the tale's flow. Still, anyone who's ever wondered what their pets are thinking will enjoy this imaginative book, its tactless but lovable main character and its triumphant ending. 
Copyright 1992 Reed Business Information, Inc. -.

From School Library Journal
PreSchool-Grade 2-- Martha, a mutt, begins to speak after her young owner slips her a bowl of alphabet soup. She speaks, and speaks, and speaks, until Helen tells her, ``Sometimes I wish you had never learned to talk.'' Martha is devastated, and her withdrawal is alleviated only when she has the opportunity to save her family from a robbery. The pranks in between, including accepting pizza deliveries and phoning for a huge order of barbecue, add to the loopy, incongruous humor. Casual ink-line-and-watercolor cartoons are punctuated by dialogue balloons. In several places, Martha's hand-printed monologue overruns the pages. For reading aloud, the balloons can be included or omitted without damaging the sense of the story. A comparable tale about an unusual pet is Tomi Ungerer's Crictor (HarperCollins, 1958). Any preschool audience and most independent readers will yelp with laughter at this light, funny entertainment. --Carolyn Noah, Central Mass. Regional Library System, Worcester, MA
Copyright 1992 Reed Business Information, Inc.




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Spot the difference



How good is your knowledge of sports?

Play Sports Hangman





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