Finally - you can have meetings that are productive, efficient and effective. 

"Make Your Meetings Work" the eBook

Save time and money, relax, knowing that your meetings achieve.  Build your credibility chairing or participating in meetings. 

You will learn

  • the vital preparation steps to being prepared

  • how to use the secrets of parliamentary procedure for efficiency and for outcomes

  • presentation techniques for power and success


Do you cringe at the memories of the meetings you have sat through? 

So many meetings are unproductive, boring, and inefficient, that comedians thrive on jokes about them. 

Classic ...

How many managers does it take to change a light bulb?
1) A roomful - they have to hold a meeting to discuss all the ramifications of the change.
2) None, they like to keep employees in the dark.
3) "This topic was resumed from last week's discussion, but is incomplete pending resolution of some action items. It will be continued next week. Meanwhile ..."
4) "We've formed a task-force to study the problem of why light bulbs burn out, and to figure out what, exactly, we as supervisors can do to make the bulbs work smarter, not harder."


Nevertheless it's not a joke when you are sitting through the frustration ...,

when you know that you are wasting time and money in meetings that aren't productive

when you cannot achieve anything because of the undisciplined "waffle" and going around and around in circles discussing.  


This eBook will show you how to save both time and money


"Make your Meetings work" the eBook ... gives you the secrets of organising your meetings so that they are more efficient and more effective.


This eBook gives you strategies that can make your meetings productive, saving you time and money - yours and the company's.



Are you responsible for the meetings? 

Your CEO can heave a sigh of relief, your colleagues will relax, knowing that the meetings you run get things done quickly and efficiently.

And on a personal level....

Would you like to feel proud of what you achieve with your meetings?

Think how it would feel to keep a meeting under control and on track - to achieve outcomes.


Taking part in the meetings ...

Imagine the satisfaction of taking part in a meeting that was well-run, where you could be involved and contribute... and where you could build your own credibility.


You can be part of meetings that run well. 

  • Learn how to use those meetings to work for your own outcomes, to be a team player and to establish your image.

  • Learn how to run meetings that work - that achieve results quickly and effectively.

  • Discover the basics of parliamentary procedure that you can use to make meetings work for you, whether you are chairing the meeting or participating.

  • Learn effective presentation techniques so that you can communicate your message and your image effectively.




  Make Your Meetings Work - the eBook        AUD $14.95