Special report:

Secrets to Keeping Audience Attention

You can measure the success of your speaking in lots of ways, but one surefire indicator of success is audience attention. 

Fail to gain and keep audience attention and you fail to succeed.


This is Bronwyn Ritchie from Pivotal Public Speaking and I have to say I know that feeling of impending doom. 

A group in the corner is chatting among themselves.  The lady in the front row is asleep, even SNORING slightly.  The man in the middle row is quietly chatting into his phone.  To an inexperienced speaker it can feel like the whole presentation is slipping away. 

You really do need to gain your audience’s attention right from the start and then keep it.

What will that attention give you?  What could you do with that attention?

Your audience will listen.  If they listen, they have a chance of understanding, and understanding, after all, is basic to your achieving your goals for the presentation. 

Once you have that attention, you can connect.  You can persuade, inform, educate, entertain.  And you can have your call to action heard - and understood.

To those who want

- to inform, to inspire, to entertain - to make a difference with their speaking - to share their message - to build their business

Achieve your speaking goals now

In this report you will learn

  • how to keep your audience focused on you and your message and not on their iphones, laptops or neighbours
  • 3 ways to design your presentation so that each person in the audience feels you care especially about them
  • how to avoid the panic of realising you are losing your audience
  • the elements of presentation style that effortlessly trigger audience attention over and over again
  • 3 ways to create a connection with your audience that guarantees their continued focus
  • time-honoured hooks that quickly refocus attention

Learn these ten secrets and implement them and you will speak with confidence, knowing that you can keep and regain your audience's attention at any time.

Learn and implement them and you will be admired and rehired as a speaker.  Audience attention is an indicator of  your success not just to you, but to the event coordinators responsible for hiring and re-hiring a speaker.

Learn and implement and you have given yourself the foundations of success in your speaking, whatever your goals may be - to inform, to inspire, to entertain, to sell, to prosper.

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