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Someone asks for a copy of that document. Where is it? 

You know you have the information for that presentation somewhere. 

Or maybe you are fighting a losing battle to make sure the bills are paid on time, or your children go to the right performance on the right day.  Can you find that information?  Can you keep control of what has to be done when?

Your desk means a lot to you.  It may be the place of your greatest creativity, or your most decisive business decisions.  It may be the place that is the hub of your home management systems. It may be a sanctuary, an engine room or a creativity generator.

But if it is covered in piles of paper and other bits and pieces; if it is overflowing and ugly, then all of that creativity, efficiency and productivity is jeopardised, stifled and just plain difficult.


"Take Control of your Paper"

It is possible!!

You can begin by learning techniques to control the flow of paper.

We will show you ways to tidy your desk, make it attractive and implement systems so that it stays that way.

Create a filing system that works for you.

Learn how to stay on top of the paper avalanche

Enrol in this course now and take control once and for all!      

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- just AUS$14.95 for this comprehensive course, and you will be in control - from now on!


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