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Getting Involved in Your child's Education

When parents are involved in their children's education, kids do better in school.1. Want to learn how to help your child achieve and succeed? Read on! You'll learn why involvement is so important and suggestions for how to get involved.

Looking at the processes and actions embedded within various team and individual sports is a great way to get exposed to concepts and ideas from physics, engineering, and any other number of basic and applied sciences.

The Courage to Teach:  Exploring the Inner Landscape of a Teacher's Life

by Parker J. Palmer

“Though not an easy book to read, as a teacher of some thirty years I find this book to be challenging, inspiring and definitely thought-provoking. Mr. Palmer is challenging us to reexamine not only our teaching styles but ourselves as teachers..”

Australian Landscape Painters


Ocean to Outback: Australian Landscape Painting 1850-1950

Discovernet - Australian tales

Ian Potter Centre, National Gallery of Victoria = Australian Collection

National Library of Australia Online Images  


Treasury of Australian Bush Painting (Susan Bruce)

Julian Ashton

Thomas Baines

Clarice Beckett (1920s and a woman)

Dorritt Black

Arthur Boyd

Arthur Boyd Jr

Oswald Brierly mainly did seascapes with sometimes a bit of land behind, but
there is a fascinating trail there: he was involved with Ben Boyd, and
later, as a marine painter, with T H Huxley.

Louis Buvelot

Charles Conder

Grace Cossington Smith,

Ray Crooke,

David Davies

Russell Drysdale,

Neil Douglas

Augustus Earle

William Ford

E Phillips Fox

Harry Garlick

S T Gill did some lovely water-colours in the 1840s when he went out with
John Horrocks, the explorer who was shot by his camel.

John Glover

Elioth Gruner

Hans Heysen

Frank Hodgkinson

John Lewin

John Longstaff

Conrad Martens

Frederick McCubbin

Albert Namatjira

Sidney Nolan,

John Olsen

Margaret Preston

Clifton Pugh

Lloyd Rees

Henry Rielly

Tom Roberts (especially Bailed Up)

William Robinson

Edward Roper,

Jeffrey Smart: look at his urban landscapes.

Arthur Streeton

Howard Taylor,

Albert Tucke

Eugene von Guerard.

Fred Williams - new impressionism.


Watch a video of Peter Rabbit by Beatrix Potter


‘Red Rubber Ball’ Bounces in

What is it that excites you, makes you smile and fuels your dreams?

Click on the picture for more about this inspirational book for children.

For children, sight word recognition is an important step to being able to efficiently learn to read. If they don’t have to stop and consider what each word is, they will have the freedom to comprehend the meaning and context of sentences and paragraphs.
Consequently, it’s critical for parents, babysitters, guardians, grandparents and educators to help beginning readers



How good is your knowledge of sports?

Play Sports Hangman






Kids in the Kitchen


Scarlett’s Yummy Fairy Cakes



Teaching Outside the Box:


How to Grab Your Students By Their Brains


by LouAnne Johnson


This book is a must for beginning teachers and for pros who need new ideas. It combines street smart practicality with the creative thinking we need to reach kids today.


Islam for Kids

 Many non-Muslim children (and their parents) know very little about how Muslims practice their faith. This great site will answer the most common questions that kids and adults have about Islam, including what the month of Ramadan and the celebration Eid ul-Fitr are.


Catch the Fly
Mr. Frog needs you to give him the x, y coordinates for a fly so he can dine. Type in the correct coordinates of where the fly lands to feed the frog.


Open Source Mind Mapping Programs EdDraw,  MindMeister, FreeMind

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