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Four Natural Parenting Tips to Help You Maintain Your Sanity

Are you into "natural parenting"? Do you parent according to the principles of "attachment parenting"? Regardless of your label of choice, deciding to embark on a non-mainstream parenting lifestyle means making yourself vulnerable to all of its one hundred and one challenges When you choose to use cloth diapers, co-workers will call you "strange." When […]


Public Speaking quote from Henry Ward Beecher

It's such a lovely old-fashioned quote, isn't it? "Whip with a switch" from the days of horses and horse carriages. And I would think that if you used a switch without leaves it would certainly tingle, though these days we shudder a little at the thought of beating the poor animal. Nevertheless, writing as he […]

How do I know if I have “Hurry Sickness”?

  I typically drive 10 or more miles/hour over the speed limit. I interrupt others and/or finish their sentences. I get impatient in meetings when someone goes on a tangent. I find it difficult to respect people who are chronically late. I rush to be first in line, even when it doesn't matter (for example, […]

Talking to Yourself – A Sign of Sanity

Though we live in a noisy world, many people struggle with too much silence in their lives. They are either living alone or living with others who are engrossed in their own thing. (That's easy to do in the digital age).  Sure you can always click on the TV, the radio, or your latest digital […]