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Secrets to Building Audience Engagement

Special report: These ten secrets will show you how to create and maintain engagement with your audience and build your success as a speaker. Hello, This is Bronwyn Ritchie from Pivotal Public  Speaking and Story, and I have to say I know that feeling of lonely disconnect.  A group in the corner is chatting among […]


Dating 101: Principles and Practice

Dating is the initial and critical first stage in the relationships leading to marriage.  Dating is so important and so terribly misunderstood in this day and age.  As people get involved with dating, they quickly discover that they are in the middle of big unfathomable sea and they are confused.  Youth and young single adults […]

How To Gain A Supportive Vision For Life

  Our vision of life, our expectations and mindset form either bridges to our achievement in life or stumbling blocks for same. Nobody can go beyond the furthest point of his or her imagination and knowledge. The earlier we know this in life, the better for us all. Here are activities and mindsets can help […]