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 The Librarian's guide to developing presentation Skills




The Librarian's Career Guidebook

by Priscilla K. Shontz

The Librarian's Career Guidebook guides novice librarians, prospective librarians, M.L.S. students, and entry-level librarians, as well as experienced information professionals through the intricacies of finding, getting, keeping, and enhancing jobs, and more.



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Managing Electronic Records
One of the biggest challenges faced by any organization today is that of managing electronic records. Bringing together for the first time, the views, experience and expertise of international experts in the RM field in the public and the private sectors, this book covers the theory and practice of managing electronic records as business and information assets.

It focuses on the strategies, systems and procedures necessary to ensure that electronic records are appropriately created, captured, organised and retained over time to meet business and legal requirements. In addition to chapters covering principles and research and developments, there are case studies relating to practice and lessons learned.

2005 . 216pp . hardback . 1-85604-550-1

Available from Amazon for $89.95

E-metrics for Library and Information Professionals. How to use data for managing and evaluating electronic resource collections.

Is your library getting every dollarís worth out of that expensive database? Should you re-subscribe to that pricey e-journal? Are your indexes serving your users? Collection development and acquisitions librarians are facing tough new questions. Unfortunately for many, these were unanswerable questions until now.
White and Kamal show how to use e-metrics to measure library performance and value in the digital age. With this book, you can learn how to use effectively the electronic data captured from various network activities to manage library collections, budgets, and services. Using e-metrics, the authors identify expensive and underused digital resources, visualise virtual search behaviour patterns and construct new collection development strategies.
Authors: Andrew White and Eric Djiva Kamal
2005. 268p. paperback. 1-85604-555-2

Available at Amazon from $10.00

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The Extreme Searcherís Internet handbook

A Guide for the Serious Searcher



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