Muscle Memory for speakers - a package of resources ...

One of the best ways to learn public speaking is by doing.  I know how challenging that can be - to find and face an audience before you are really ready, learning "on the fly" so to speak, so this package gives you ways you can prepare at home, beforehand, without having to face an audience until you have embedded your confidence and presentation into muscle memory.  

It's how elite sportsmen and women prepare for success this way. They practice.  They practice alone on the driving range, on the court, in the gym until the moves that will bring them success are automatic.  They don't have to create the golf swing or the dunk-shot or the somersault.  It comes naturally.  The same can be said about public speaking.  It is possible to develop the "muscle memory" for confidence, connection and fluency on your own or in front of your friends and family before you ever hit the stage.  


This package is a combination of tips and techniques from my webinars, workshops and eBooks.  I have gathered the excerpts together and edited them into a package that you can use to build your skills at home.