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When it comes to preventing the common cold, many people believe large supplemental doses of Vitamin C will do the trick – not the case.


  Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder

 Attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) is a condition that makes it hard for affected children to control their behaviour and pay attention. It is sometimes referred to as ADD (attention deficit disorder).


Can your Kitchen Pass the Food Safety Test?

What comes to mind when you think of a clean kitchen? Shiny waxed floors? Gleaming stainless steel sinks? Spotless counters and neatly arranged cupboards?

They can help, but a truly "clean" kitchen--that is, one that ensures safe food--relies on more than just looks: It also depends on safe food practices.

In the home, food safety concerns revolve around three main functions: food storage, food handling, and cooking. To see how well you're doing in each, take this quiz, and then read on to learn how you can make the meals and snacks from your kitchen the safest possible.



Are you looking for more calm satisfying experience with you daily life?


Do you get frustrated with yourself at the end of the day because you've gotten stressed, unfocused or agitated?


Are you tired of getting over emotional and worn out.


Whether you are experiencing one or all of these feelings here are my 5 best tips on reducing the unwanted feelings so that you will feel calm and satisfied with yourself each day.


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Is Pilates for You?

Read our fact sheet to find out just what benefits this form of exercise can give you



When is a Fever Too High?

With the nasty flu bug making its rounds, there's only so much eating healthy, getting enough rest, washing your hands, getting a flu shot, and avoiding germs one can do. If you're unlucky enough to get the flu, your body will hike up your body temperature to boil away all those germs. So, is there a point when your temperature can get too high?


5 Ways to Protect Your Most Essential Commodity

Not to long ago I was at a leadership conference where one of the keynotes, Suzanne de Passe of Motown Productions, talked about protecting the entrepreneurs’ greatest commodity – our energy. Suzanne’s key comment was “how you spend your energy is how you measure your success.”

Boy did that strike a cord!

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Optimism Increases Productivity

How am I going to get through all this work?
I don't know what will happen if I fail?
What happens if we don't meet the sales budget?
I hope that I don't get sick!

If this is a familiar train of thought then you are in trouble!

Pessimism has been found to not only increase stress, but also increases incidence of illness &  absenteeism, tiredness, slower recovery from surgery, low self esteem, and causes the under use  of abilities.

You simply cannot afford to 'put up' with a bad mood, having a miserable day, or negative colleagues.  Pessimism will drain both your productivity and quality of life.


The 7 Minute Muscle Training System e-Book!

The Bible of Brevity Training! This revolutionary work took over three years of effort, testing, and refining to deliver you the ultimate way to train for muscle in minutes. It covers everything - how to think, how to train and what few supplements really work! All the science you will ever want put into a fun, readable format! I include all three Levels of 7 Minute Muscle training for beginners, intermediate and advanced trainees, and even an "ultra-beginner" workout!


Keep Your Child's Sugar Intake to a Mimimum

Obviously, it's going to be hard to cut out high-glycemic sugars altogether, but there are a couple of easy steps you can take to dramatically reduce your child's sugar intake:

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Developing the body language of confidence can be really important when attending job interviews, presenting, dealing with complaints and being involved in related activities. One confident person differs from another in their body language but these are some general guidelines.  ... more










Imagine how much happier and more confident you’d be if you could train your body to function more efficiently and to look better in the process. With The Body You Deserve, you’ll get the expert guidance you need to take the struggle out of weight loss and finally create—and maintain—the lean, healthy physique you desire and deserve.

The Body You Deserve.

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People today are spending longer hours at work, in front of their computers, just to meet their pressing deadlines and KPIs.  As a result, there are more incidents of debilitating back pain, neck ache, headaches, RSI and burnout that are reducing productivity and increasing stress leave.

So what is the answer? 

Movement prevents productivity attrition.   ... more