From Anxious to Awesome

A-H-A you CAN speak with confidence

Let me take you through the process that will free you to present with confidence

- free you to make an impact - free you to give a successful speech

- free you to become a confident speaker.

To those who want

- to inform, to inspire, to entertain - to make a difference with their speaking - to share their message - to build their business

- but are held back by fear or nerves

Share your message, now, with confidence.


This is Bronwyn Ritchie from Pivotal Public Speaking and I want to say "I understand."

I know what it feels like - the dry mouth, the shaking knees, the need to go to the toilet, the stomach that threatens embarrassment.  I know what it feels like to want to run away, far away and never ever agree to make a speech again.  I know what it feels like to face failure, embarrassment, and especially fear!

I also know what it feels like to make a successful speech, to use speaking to make people think differently, to make them feel uplifted. I know that feeling of "flow" and of having an interaction with an audience - the smiles, the nods, the congratulations.  (Yes I have won speaking competitions - harnessing the nerves!)

So yes. I understand the nerves.  It's possible that I do not understand the sources of your nerves   Every individual has their own history, their own mindsets, their own challenges. Every individual takes their own time to speak with confidence.  This process does work.  You take your own, individual time to use it and to be confident but if you apply it you will be - confident and effective.

You can inspire.  You can entertain.  You can educate. You can speak with confidence!

What would confidence give you?  What could you do if you were a confident speaker?

  • You could build your reputation as the expert in your field. 

  • You could build your business. 

  • You could build your brand as a leader worthy of respect and whom people want to follow

  • You could face any audience armed with the tools and techniques to speak to them and share your message confidently with them.

In this eBook you will learn how to craft a speech that will have your audience leaning in to hear more.  You will be given the key that will unlock the door to creating a speech and a mindset that sets you up for success.     

It would be so sad if you had a message to share that would benefit so many people and yet had little confidence in yourself to share that message. 

It would be so sad it you were unable to use speaking to showcase your authentic powerful credibility. You spent hours, days, years, learning, experiencing and growing only to hide your expertise because you were afraid to speak.

It would be so sad is you could shine your light and our vision for a different world, a different life, but lacked the confidence to let it shine.

You can speak with confidence.  You can share your message, you can share your learning, you can shine your light.  This eBook gives you the ways to do it. 
You will learn.

Mental strategies to give you

  • peace of mind
  • less stress
  • more effective speaking strategies

Physical strategies that allow you to

  • avoid embarrassment
  • focus on your speech and not on your body or your fear
  • interact with your audience without fear of failure or embarrassment

There is much to learn about giving an effective speech.  Perhaps you have tried to put it all together but quailed before the thought of trying to present the prefect presentation.  Once you have worked through "From Anxious to Awesome" you will be able to:

  • Understand why you feel the way you do about public speaking and how to work with that to turn public speaking into a positive experience.
  • Create a speech and a mindset that sets you up for success
  • Prepare so that there is nothing to fear- not judgment, not accidents and disasters, not the unexpected


Take away the stress of preparing your speech.  Know that whatever happens you have the tools to continue confidently. 

Take away the frustration of having to limit your message to one-on-one encounters, because you dare not face an audience.  Know that you have what it takes to engage an audience, confidently. 

Take away the burden that fear and nerves weigh you with every time you speak.  Know that the energy you need is there for the taking.

From Anxious to Awesome - A-H-A You CAN speak with confidence.

Bonus #One

"Harness the Power of Storytelling ... for sales and success"

In this report you will learn

  • why storytelling is such a powerful speaking tool
  • how storytelling will automatically reduce disagreement
  • how to hold and govern audience attention with story
  • the four elements that a story must have to be successful
  • how to use story to have your message remembered and repeated
  • four ways to build your brand with stories

Bonus #Two

"Creating a sound foundation for your presentation"

In this report you will learn

  • the one focus that can make or break a speech
  • the mental preparation that guarantees an audience leaning in for more
  • how to go beyond body language to support the spoken word
  • the 3 ways to ensure your speech has value

With From Anxious to Awesome, you get
arrow3 comprehensive assessments to help you clarify your fear

arrowMental Preparation strategies

arrowPhysical Preparation Strategies

arrowPresentation Preparation Strategies

arrowPreparation Checklists

arrowOff-stage confidence builders

arrowStorytelling for sales and success

arrowCreating a solid foundation for your presentation

Your Guarantee: 

“If for any reason From Anxious to Awesome does not meet your expectations, you are very welcome to a refund.  Let me know within 21 days of purchase and I will refund your money.  No reason needed.  Guaranteed.

--- Bronwyn

Get ready to become a speaker who can share a powerful message - who has the confidence to inspire, to inform, to entertain - a speaker who speaks with confidence!  Click the link below to buy the book.