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Halloween Crafts



Black magic cat

This spooky kitty can actually slink through a closed window -- making him the perfect Halloween window decoration.



Pumpkin garland

Here's a new take on an old favorite. Kids will enjoy creating happy, sad and scary pumpkin faces.


Pumpkin Carving for Halloween

Want to know how to carve a Pumpkin to get into the Halloween spirit? Find out here! 





Make this cute origami cat and broomstick for Halloween!

Click on the picture


Black Cat Costume

Make this simple black cat costume with a sweat suit and a few other supplies.

Lunch Bag Pumpkin

Create a great pumpkin decoration with a brown paper lunch bag.

Witch Hat


Make a witch’s hat for Halloween.

Milk Cap Spider

Fun for Halloween or a unit on spiders.

Pumpkin Pencil Tops

Decorate the top of your pencil like a jack-o-lantern.

Paper Plate Cat


Halloween craft or Letter C craft.

Pumpkin Pin (easy)


Make a nice pin for fall/Halloween.

 Halloween Batwiches



Halloween Caramel Apple Cookies



Halloween Pumpkin Spice Bars