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Home Literacy Environment Checklist

Is your home literacy-friendly?

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This activity is provided by the National Center for Learning Disabilities, Inc. Get Ready to Read!, a program of the National Center for Learning Disabilities, Inc, aims for all preschool children to have the skills they need to learn to read when they enter school. For more information go to Get Ready to Read!

Use the literacy checklist, below, to create a literacy-friendly home or classroom. Viewing and printing the checklists requires Adobe Acrobat Reader (free download).



You are your child’s first teacher. Your home is where your child will get his or her first experiences with books and reading.

Look around your home and think about what you do with your child. If the statement on the checklist is true, place a check in the “true” column. If the statement is false, place a check in the “false” column. When you are finished, count up the number of checks

in the true column and find that number on the chart at the end of the checklist. Use the results as a guideline to see what you can do for your child.

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Home Literacy Environment Checklist







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