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The Librarian's Career Guidebook


by Priscilla K. Shontz

The Librarian's Career Guidebook guides novice librarians, prospective librarians, M.L.S. students, and entry-level librarians, as well as experienced information professionals through the intricacies of finding, getting, keeping, and enhancing jobs, and more.

Sage advice and career guidance is offered by sixty-four librarians and other information professionals come from information professionals in a variety of institutions and at diverse points in their careers. This practical guide addresses a wide variety of career issues, including why and how to become a librarian, why and how to stay one after burnout rears its ugly head, how to develop practical skills not learned in school, ways to prepare for job interviews and performance reviews (whether evaluating or being evaluated), preparation for management and teaching, ongoing professional development, and exploring related careers. The advice is aimed at librarians in various stages of a career and the pragmatic information in each article and the bibliographies make this an excellent guidebook for everyone in our profession, whether we are trying to assess where we are or figure out how to be in a better place.

“I'm a new MLIS student, and I must say that I was really impressed with this book as it addresses so many questions that I had regarding all phases of a librarian's career, including choosing classes and work place dynamics. I still refer to it often as I plan both my class schedule and my career.”


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