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The “15-Second Marketing” System:
The Fastest Way to Attract New Clients

Heal your relationship with MONEY


with our 90 day support program. Discover and resolve your behaviours, emotions and limiting beliefs around money.

Shift your money consciousness, your self worth and your net worth. 




Discover if life coaching is a match for you and how you can get started in what Money Magazine call’s “The Highest Paid Home Based Business”.




Make Meetings work for you

This eBook gives you the secrets of organising your meetings so that they are more efficient and more effective.

Save time and money - yours and the company's.

You can be part of meetings that run well. 

  • Learn how to use those meetings to work for your own outcomes, to be a team player and to establish your image.

  • Discover the basics of parliamentary procedure that you can use to make meetings work for you, whether you are chairing the meeting or participating.

  • Learn effective presentation techniques so that you can communicate your message and your image effectively.

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The Coaching Success Profit Generator
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Selling Without Selling Kit from Terri Levine





Brian Tracy University College of  Entrepreneurshi

Coach Institute - Professional Life Coach Training


 Less time in your business, more time for your life: Many people ask me how I achieve so much. I get great support and ideas from The Office organiser


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How To Be A Masterful Manager

Being a successful manager requires many skills.  It is not enough to be technically proficient at doing your job. This e-book by Australia's NO. 1 Productivity coach, Lorraine Pirihi has heaps of practical, easy-to-implement ideas to accelerate your leadership abilities and to help you be the best manager you can be.  


  Promote and Market Your Business With Booklets
For anyone wanting to learn coaching skills to use in a corporate setting.