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Help I Have to Give a Speech!

Patricia Fripp, CSP, CPAE simplifies and demystifies the process of designing your presentation...fast!  You will learn:

  • The one sentence you must clarify to start your speech
  • An easy-to-adapt formula to design your presentation
  • How to speak to be remembered and repeated
  • The secrets to connecting with every audience
  • What makes you and your presentation persuasive

Click here.  http://www.consultpivotal.com/Afripp.htm



Overcome the Fear of Public Speaking

Are you paralysed by fear when you have to speak in public? 


Do you need to make presentations at work but avoid them because of nerves ?


3 in-depth assessments help you understand your fear of public speaking or your nerves.  Then you are given strategies to deal with the physical symptoms, and use mental techniques to present confidently.  

Also includes a countdown to confident presenting and a set of techniques to use during your speeches. 


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Create Impact With Your Speech or Presentation


Learn how to get and keep your audience's attention.  Use these techniques to make sure your audience "get" the message, the image and the impact you want to create.  


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Powerpoint Templates at www.PoweredTemplates.com  

    Larry Wilde and Patricia Fripp: What the Great Comedians Teach Us About Comedy - Audio Download

Award-winning speaker Patricia Fripp interviews Larry Wilde about his experiences and education in comedy from interviewing the great comedians for his book Great Comedians Talk About Comedy.
You will learn the inside secrets of America's greatest comedians. Hear the collective wisdom of the people who defined American comedy. They included Woody Allen, Jack Benny, Milton Berle, George Burns, Johnny Carson, Phyllis Diller, Bob Hope, and Jerry Lewis.
Larry is a best selling author of 56 books and a popular humorist. Recorded live at the National Speakers Association of Northern California.

Download here



Become A Confident And Persuasive Speaker

...Starting Today!


Motivational Music from Bob Falstein

Whenever I listen to his music, I am put in the right frame of mind."
—Dee Dee Tucker

"Bob Falstein's music is magical! I love his CDs."
—Carolina Girimonte, Communication  Coach

This is music that motivates!  Play it for yourself or at your seminars, meetings and groups.  Find out more about this music.  



Presentation System


Are you looking for the swiftest, most effective way to eliminate your fear? Since 2002, we have been helping professionals like you do exactly that.

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Selling Back-of-the-Room Without Being Thrown Off the Platform
with Michael Soon Lee, MBA, CSP

Do you have products that just sit in your garage? You’re reticent to promote them without seeming smarmy. But you know they would be really useful to audience members, it’s okay with the client, and you want to introduce them. You want help now on how to do this in a way that feels comfortable and is effective.

Learn how to sell products from the back of the room without sounding like a commercial and even legally promote them during continuing education programs. Michael sells over $100,000/year of product from the back of the room at conventions, seminars and public programs. Learn how to develop and sell tons of products that fill your wallet — not your garage!

Just a few of the secrets revealed in this program include:

  • Quickly and easily developing product
  • Making money from the back of the room even without developing product
  • How to comfortably promote your products from the platform
  • Getting agreement from planners to let you promote your wares
  • Increasing product sales even when there’s an official on-site bookstore
  • Using products as income-generating marketing tools

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Wedding Speeches &Toasts

Ladies and Gentlemen,
I Would Like to Propose a Toast…

To the witty, the wise and these stupid neckties…

Is the thought of giving a wedding toast putting a shadow over the big day? Whether you’re the best man or maid of honor, bride, groom, parent or friend—

Wedding Celebration Toasts - the eBook



How to Write and Prepare a Great Speech


Follow the steps to write a speech from idea development through to practice and preparation of your speech


Buy the eBook or Choose the course (a series of emails.)



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