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In the same sense...
 * When you focus on the negative aspects of other people, they tend to bother you more often.
 * When you focus on the negative aspects of your business/work, you tend to feel more   
   uptight, annoyed or stressed.

It is not that people, work or life bothers us.  Rather, it is the negative aspects of people, work or life that we focus on that tend to bother us.
Becoming resilient to pressure is a choice.
How fast you bounce back from stress, pressure and burnout is a choice.

   > Question: So, how do you choose to be resilient?
   > Answer: By practicing gratitude

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Red-Hot Sales Negotiation

How to talk to anyone

 Everything You Need to Know to Close Deals, Build Relationships, and Create Win-Win Outcome

92 little tricks for big success

in relationships


Discover the Secrets of Being Unstoppable



What makes a person so attractive that people are magnetically drawn to them? Think of people
you are drawn to, that you like to be around. What makes them such people magnets?

Of course, physical attractiveness helps, as does celebrity. But for most of us who are
neither physical "10s" or famous, we can still become highly attractive to others. Here's how:


Can you recall what anger in a relationship feels like? Anger is a learned reaction to something negative in a situation, often referred to as a trigger. Itís best described as an unbridled horse. For instance, if you do not take control, it is likely to control you.



Get Noticed! Bring Out Your Irresistible You!

PowerTool:  Your Desire Card 

This is really a "cheap trick" in that it costs you practically
nothing, but it can change your life. How's that for an intro?

Take a 3x5 note card. Turn it to where the 3" is at the top, like
a small sheet of paper.

Write this at the top in large print:


Under that, draw a line down the center of the card. On the
left column, write "YES", and on the right, write "NO".

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5 Ways to increase the joy in your relationships

Joy is different. It doesn't come and go, or depend upon outer circumstances. When things are difficult, when our hopes are not fulfilled, it is still possible to feel joyful. Joy is a positive decision we have made about ourselves, and others. It involves taking responsibility for our lives and relationships. How much joy do you have in your love life? Here are five ways to find joy in relationships:

  The Passion Test Assessment


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