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Power Your Mind With Creative Visualisation

Creative visualization is the technique of using your imagination to create pictures of yourself achieving a desired goal or outcome and focusing on that image until you achieve your objective.

Use the power of your imagination to create what you want in your life.

Let go of your limitations - Act Now!




Awareness is the key to all change. Penetrate blocks and find your authentic self. Open to new possibilities using your imagination and intuition.

Develop your basic and higher awareness.

Fix Your Marriage   Discover the Secrets of Being Unstoppable
Coaching For An Extraordinary Life by Terri LevineDiscover How to Become a Highly-Paid Coach, Generate a Steady Stream of Clients & Live the Life You've Always Wanted!

Recognized as a leading provider of at-home and mentored coach training curricula, The Coaching Institute delivers a preeminent course of study for people wanting to become coaches, develop their coaching skills, and grow their coaching businesses.

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The Dream Manifesto Coach Is So Helpful
I love the new wizard, the new pictures and categories are so right on!  The coach is so helpful!  Is so nice to go through the beliefs that don't work and then helped in finding beliefs that do.  And then taking those helpful beliefs that can do so much better and then have them put into the Wizard.  This cycle is such a power process for shifting consciousness.  I wish everyone to use it."
Warren Birnbaum, OR 97213 Portand


overcome procrastination with hypnosisEliminate procrastination, multiply your productivity

The trick is not to fill your head with more techniques it's to reprogram your mind so that work is no longer "hard" . . .  but interesting and easy. So that you have fun getting things done. So that you stop causing self-induced stress . . . and begin working smoothly in the "flow" state.

The bottom line is, you must get rid of the limiting attitudes and beliefs you have stored in your subconscious mind and replace them with productive thoughts and habits.

This is why you cannot rely on traditional productivity techniques alone.

Just 20 Minutes a Day
For 21 Days Is All It Takes => Productivity Engineering -
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Take your life back - Take control

Feeling scattered, stuck, procrastinating? Do you want more time and a sense of direction and accomplishment? Peace of mind and order? Take your life back! Get and stay focused, organized and on track with the following 3 online workbooks. Each workbook includes 30 days of email support. Take each program at your convenience. SAVE by buying the package of 3. PLUS receive one full year of weekly email support to keep your goals on track. PLUS receive your LIFE MAP and 75 Intuitive Resource Lists for free.

Take Control Package -



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