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Finding Speech Topics - Top 10 Sources


Finding speech topics on your own is possible with these ten research sources for public speakers. You're out of ideas, need some fresh input, don't know where to start? Find inspiration in the next top 10 list:

1. Scan library indexes and table of contents of books you want to read on major personal, ethical, scientific, economic, social, fiction, and nonfiction issues, current controversies and opposing viewpoints. And of course don't forget to ask the librarian to help you in your hunt for finding speech topics.

2. Read research papers and paper topics often list persuasive public agenda policy topics that challenge you and reflect your sphere of expertise in a particular knowledge field.

3. Find scientific and technology articles on current social theories, discoveries, investigations, observations, patents and rare phenomena.

4. In so-called FAQ books, question books or top tips magazines you find intriguing questions asked and answered. You can explore supplemental documentation and genuine advice on the most common or very special topics.

5. Other handy resource guides are fact sheets. They offer stats, tips, and suggestions. Browse the net and find extensive collections of facts and figures. Pull out facts you like and transform them into controversial or informational claims of thesis statements.

6. Reference books like almanacs, quotation books, Year in Review-books, dictionaries, encyclopedias, atlases. No explanation needed. Just study their indexes.

7. Statistics like crime or demographics statistics, and even polls are great sources for finding speech ideas. Compare national and international trends and averages.

8. Biographies and obituaries on persons who played an important historical role.

9. Make an inventory of the television and radio talk shows you like to watch. Browse their sites on the topics they talk about.

10. And yes, skim the headlines of newspapers and broadcasts. And periodicals - weekly, monthly or daily publications in magazines, internet news sites, and your favorite news letters.

Explore more sources for finding speech topics or simply take the short cut with the Persuasive Speaker's Kit.

Jim Peterson has over 10 year's experience on speech writing. He offers how-to guides for any kind of public speaking and speech writing assignments and 3,750+ free speech topic suggestions and ideas at

Copyright 2007 Jim A. Peterson

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