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Pivotal Book Review


Teaching With Love and Logic: Taking Control of the Classroom


by Jim Fay


From the reviews

Teachers often find themselves facing a variety of classroom situations never covered in initial training. This valuable resource helps teachers increase skills, enhance professional development and maximize classroom learning time.

Discover why Love and Logic works in the school environment and understand the psychological reasons for its effectiveness.

Be very careful with the advice in this book if you are a brand new and idealistic teacher. You will be drawn to the book because it is full of common sense about how we should treat other human beings, especially children. However, keep in mind that specific, explicit limits, boundaries, and structures should be established first and foremost before you start working with kids on abstract concepts like choices, decisions, problems, and fairness.

Jim Fay and David Funk's truly positive approach and time-tested ideas and strategies will empower teachers to effectively manage classroom dynamics while bringing the joy back to teaching.

The Three Rules of Love & Logic

1) People Learn from Their Own Decisions

2) Use Enforceable Limits--Provide Choices Within Limits

3) Apply Consequences with Empathy

The Love & Logic techniques:

-Put teachers back in control of the classroom

-Result in students who are internalized in their discipline rather than dependent upon external controls (THEY do the thinking!)

-Raise the level of student responsibility

-Prepare students to function effectively in a world filled with temptations, decisions, and consequences

The results are startling! Compliance without power struggles; respect without demands; control by giving away control. You will be stunned at how easily it works, how much better of a teacher you will be, and how your kids will respond. (I even have used this when dealing with my colleagues. What fun!)

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