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7 Secrets For Raising Responsible Teenagers

There are many ways to raise a child, and every child is different. Therefore, there is no magic formula for raising good teens. Excellent parents can still have problem children, and good children come out of bad homes. But by staying closely involved in your childrenís lives, even when they donít appear to need you as much anymore, youíll be teaching them the lessons they need to learn to be the successful and happy adults youíd like them to be. Here are some pointers for keeping teens on the right track:


It's not fair: Brains may compel teens to tantrum

 Teenage tantrums are the stuff of every parentís nightmares. Now we may closer to explaining why some adolescents fly off the handle more than others. Brain scans show differences in the brain structures that control emotions in adolescents who flare up at the slightest provocation, and those who are more self-controlled.


Good parenting - How to raise teenagers

Being a parent and learning to raise teenagers could be a real challenge for you and your kids. Teenagers are generally stubborn since this is the age where they are beginning to seek independence and developing their own identity. As a parent you need skills and knowledge on how to deal with teens to successfully create a good relationship with your teenage kids. Here are some tips:

Adolescence: A Time Of Transition

Fourteen year old Johnny is driving his parents up a wall. A few years ago he was a pleasant, cooperative child but now he's restless, obstinate, defiant and more interested in spending time with his buddies than his family.

There are three factors that can help us to understand the erratic, fickle, rebellious, sometimes maddening, frustrating and exasperating behavior of the adolescent.

Teen weight loss: Safe steps to a healthy weight

Teenage obesity is a dangerous ó and growing ó problem. But what can you do about it? Plenty. Turn your concern about your teenager's weight into action.

There's no magic bullet for teen weight loss. The key to success is adopting healthy habits that can last a lifetime.


Truth in parenting

A friend of mine, a successful professional, posed this parenting dilemma: Suppose your teenager asks you if you ever smoked pot.  Do you tell him the truth?  What if you smoked not just once, or a couple of times, but a fair amount? A whole lot? What if you tried cocaine?

Things are more dangerous now than they were back then, my friend continued. The pot is stronger.  Itís laced with all sorts of other drugs. You donít want your child to think that if you did it, then itís ok for them to do the same.  You donít want to take chances.  You have to lie.

Iíve thought this over, and I have to disagree. Iím mostly talking from my own personal experience. 

Adolescent sleep problems: Why is your teen so tired?

Adolescents are notorious for staying up late at night and being hard to rouse in the morning. Your teens are probably no exception. But it's not necessarily because they're lazy or contrary. This behavior pattern actually has a real physical cause. And there are ways to help mesh your adolescent's sleep schedule with that of the rest of the world.

Creative Goal Setting for kids and teens

An Indian guide who displayed uncanny skills in navigating the rugged regions of the Southwest was asked how he did it. "What is your secret of being an expert tracker and trail-blazer?" a visitor asked him.

The guide answered: "There is no secret. One must only possess the far vision and the near look. The first step is to determine where you want to go. Then you must be sure that each step you take is a step in that direction."

A dream is what you would like for life to be. A Goal is what you intend to make happen. A goal is the near look; what, specifically, you intend to do on a daily basis to get there.  >>> more

Strengthen your Relationship With Your Teen

In todayís high-tech, fast-paced world, young people are faced with more opportunitiesóand more decisionsóthan ever before. As they race around trying to meet the demands of school, family, and their ever-expanding social circles, they sometimes lose sight of what they want most out of life.

Help lead a young person toward achievement and fulfillment by guiding him or her through this goal-setting process specifically designed for teens and preteens.  >>> more


Dr. Michael J. Bradley

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This site is devoted to helping parents and teens get through the crazy teen years in a world that's growing more difficult by the day. My hope is that this site will become a valuable resource to help parents and teens make the most of these years while keeping their loving relationships intact.