Slinky Physics
 Experiments using a slinky that simulate water waves, earthquakes and
 swaying bridges.

Paper Toys!

Here are some free paper toys that you can make yourself. Just print them out, cut, glue and enjoy.

Toys Toys Toys
 A treasure chest full of toys has been found. Which toy would you choose
 to have?


 Toy Museum
 Click on the shelf to go to the toy of your choice.


 Forces In Toys
 Learn about how toys move.

 Forces in Toys.   Learn about how toys move.   Page created by: Sir Robert
 Hitcham's Primary School, College Road, Framlingham, Suffolk, United


History of Toys and Games
 Discover the origins of your favorite toys and games, from chess and
 checkers to Barbie and Atari.

 History of the yo-yo.  It is believed that the yo-yo most likely
 originated in China. The first historical mention of the yo-yo, however,
 was from Greece in the year 500 B.C. Find out more at this site.

 Toys That Move
 Not all toys need batteries or electricity to make them work, some of the need forces to move.

 Information and dates for invention of various toys. design a nodding toy

 Learn about the physics of toys such as yoyos. make a frog hopper toy

 Engineers Australia. make toys a school made playground games for a technology project another school’s toy design project  TOYSRUS   toy museum  skye toy museum  technology lessons make a toy theatre


 The Physics of Toys
 Learn about the physics of toys such as yoyos.

 BBC: Children of Victorian Britain
 Play Online Hopscotch just as children did in Victorian Britain.

 Lego Games Club
 Play online games in Legoland.

 Etch A Sketch Online
 Online version of this classic toy.

 Animation Station
 Draw some pictures and see them come to life.

 Hula Hoop
 Learn about this timeless toy.

 Online Tic Tac Toe
 Play this ancient game online.

 History of the Yo-Yo
 It is believed that the yo-yo most likely originated in China. The first
 historical mention of the yo-yo, however, was from Greece in the year 500
 B.C. Find out more at this site.

 Find out all you need to know about the toy known as the Furby.

 Official site of the Barbie doll.

 Silly Putty
 Find out about the history of Silly Putty and how it was invented.

 Toys and Games
 These stories include how some toys were invented, how others got their
 names, and fun facts to enjoy.

 Moving Toys
 Examples of some toys made by a class in the UK.

 Toy Museum
 Collection of photos of toys displayed in this museum.

 Marx Toy Museum
 Online display of toy museum exhibits.

 Arcade Favourites
 Reproductions of arcade games for you to try.


 Slinky Science
 Classroom activities and history of the Slinky.

 Things 2 Make
 Simple toys for kids to make.

 Making Things Move
 In this unit transport, toys and playground equipment are used as contexts
 for exploring forces and how things move.

 The Puppeteers' Cooperative is a group of artists and puppeteers working in cities around the nation to create giant puppet parades, pageants, and ceremonies of celebration and complaint, using simple materials and movements to build community cardboard extravaganzas. Includes diagrams and instructions for building
Simple Puppets, Backpacks,Animals, Birds, Dragons, Giant Puppets, Hoop and Cloth Puppets

Basic puppet manipulation techniques

 Puppet Manipulation Clinic

 Puppet Manipulation