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Breathe for Weight Loss

Ever tried shed a few pounds? It’s not easy. According to the National Institutes of Health, 97% of dieters who lose weight gain it back within five years. This statistic illustrates what most dieters already know. Permanent weight loss is frustrating and often seems unobtainable.


What most dieters don’t know, however, is that they carry a powerful weight loss tool with them at all times: Breathing. Proper breathing is the one exercise that helps your body do what is necessary to lose weight.


How much do you want to lose weight?

Losing weight seems to be a very common goal. More than half the population in the western world say they want to lose weight at any one time.

But do they really want it?

Or is losing weight one of those things that we would all like to do if it was easy but just can't be bothered with if it takes any effort at all?

Is it like wanting to be rich, where we are happy to buy a lottery ticket ("It might just come up") every week but are not prepared to work our tails off to achieve any real wealth?

How much do you want to lose weight? Do you want it enough to change your habits?


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 Enjoying Weight Loss - lose weight with hypnosis



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Wanna Stay Thin? Go To Sleep!

A study found that women who sleep too little are at risk of major weight gain. Scientists monitored almost 70,000 women for 16 years, recording their weight and sleep patterns. Compared with sound sleepers, women who slept no more than 5 hours a night were 32% more likely to gain 33 pounds or more during the course of the study and were 15% more likely to become obese. The researchers said the findings were not related to diet or exercise. More on the subject...

Do You Own Every Diet Book out there?

I have shelves piled high with diet books of every shape and description. They are full of theories and plans, food allowances and calorie counts, strategies and tips.

Some of them have a simple message. Others try to complicate things

with lots of scientific explanation. There's some truth in all of them but they simply don't work for most of us.

You can read every diet book out there. You can start out full of enthusiasm on yet another new weight loss plan or program every few months. But until you realize that it's not the plan or program that is keeping you from success - but you - you're likely to be still trying every diet under the sun until you give up wanting to lose weight in your nineties.

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Your only Goal - Losing Weight?

When losing weight is your main focus in choosing what to eat you set yourself up for a cycle of failure.

How can I say that as a weight loss coach, when my clients obviously have losing weight as their goal? Surely it helps if they are focused and dedicated?

The problem with too much focus on your weight is that:-

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The Fullness Factor™

ND's Fullness Factor™ can help you consume fewer Calories without feeling hungry...

Understanding Hunger and Satiety

The Fullness Factor - A Better Predictor of Satiety

Comparing the Fullness Factor to the Glycemic Index

Fullness Factors for Common Foods

Fullness Factors for Mixed Meals

Fullness Factor Dieting

Satiety References


Create Your Ideal Body by Terri Levine