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Words and language

What you do speaks so loud that I cannot hear what you say.

 -- Ralph Waldo Emerson (bio)


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Comma, comma

COMMAS IN A COMPOUND SENTENCE. It's a balancing act.

Use a comma between independent clauses separated by a conjunction (and, or, for, but, etc.) in a compound sentence. Use your judgment when the clauses are short or the subject is the same for both clauses.


Playing with Words: Poetry that POPS!!!

By Molly J. Anderson-Childers
This kids-at-heart article presents a variety of ways to find poetic inspiration, tips to editing poetry, and prompts to creating a personal art and poetry book.


Push-Button Prompts - Writing and Blogging Inspiration prompts

 Portal's Imagination Prompt Generator will inspire you by outputting one of many randomly generated "Imagination Prompts" at the press of a button. We call them Imagination Prompts because they can be used for writing, blogging, art projects, music, discussion, or anything else you need some inspirational prompting for!  Visit the Prompt Generator




60 Tips for Getting The Writing Done

60 specific tips to help you get your writing done, today, tomorrow and forever.



Does punctuation really matter?

The recent fuss generated by Lynne Truss’s book, “Eats Shoots & Leaves: the zero tolerance approach to punctuation,” has brought this topic into focus. From the way everyone was talking when the book came out, you’d think punctuation was a whole new, previously unappreciated art form that could light up all our lives.

In the cold light of the business day, though, punctuation is not much more than a set of tools we use to fine tune our writing -– nothing more romantic than that.

You’ve probably noticed that it tends to split into two separate categories:

1. Punctuation that affects the meaning of what you write (so it’s worth getting right)

2. Punctuation that doesn’t really affect the meaning of what you write (but irritates some people if you get it wrong)

Beyond that, also there are variations in punctuation rules from one English language culture to the next. Most of those, I would say, fall into category #2.

So let’s take a look at the topic from the non-literary, business-only viewpoint. Please note these are my opinions only and I’m no English graduate – only a realist - so feel free to disagree!

Read on ...


As a professional copywriter, not only do I do a lot of writing but I also look at a lot of writing. One of the things I've noticed that sets the good/great writers from the so so is rhythm.

What I mean by rhythm is how the writing sounds. The rhythm of the words and sentences. It's a subtle aspect of writing, one not normally talked about, but that doesn't lessen its importance.

Unfortunately, rhythm is also tough to teach (which is probably why it isn't talked about very much). It's something felt deep inside, like it is with music. It isn't as straight forward as pointing out a grammar error. What makes it tougher is that everyone has their own style and own unique rhythm. However, these three tips should get you started thinking about your own writing rhythm and how to improve it.

Article continues


The Visual Thesaurus

 ... a dictionary and thesaurus with an intuitive interface that encourages exploration and learning. The Visual Thesaurus is a marvelous way to improve your vocabulary and your understanding of the English language.

Test it out for free right here..

RapidFeeds allows anyone to create and manage their own RSS feeds completely and effortlessly. It also gives publishers the freedom to distribute and get their RSS or Atom feeds displayed on other websites, while webmasters can customize the whole look and feel of the content displayed."





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Three steps to better writing

Do you hate to write? Does it take you a long time to get the words on the page? Usually when people struggle to write, it’s because they are trying to edit as they go along. There is an easier way to write and be more creative!


Narrow your Focus: Why Writers Should Specialize

By Kelly James-Enger

Want to set yourself from other freelancers? Save time pitching, researching, and writing stories? Create a lucrative niche for yourself? And best of all, make more money as a freelancer?

I have one word for you: "specialize." When I started my fulltime freelance writing career seven years ago, I employed what I now call the "saturation bombing" technique. I queried every magazine I could think of with a wide variety of ideas. At one point, I had 54 queries out-- yet few were assigned. Those that were assigned covered the gamut of topics from business articles to bridal pieces to personal finance stories. Nearly every article concerned a subject new to me, so each time I wrote one, I spent hours researching and learning about the topic so I could write about it with authority.

Finally, I got smart ... Read on


Learn how you can create the life of your dreams writing copy

Kelly Robbins has partnered with best-selling author and founder of Comprehensive Coaching U, Terri Levine, to create a class that will help copywriters follow their dreams and kick-start their copywriting business.

In this 10-week class, you’re going to:

  • Clearly identify what niche to work in.
  • Find out what is important to your target market. You’ll learn how to get to know them, how to uncover what they need from a copywriter and how to get in front of them.
  • Learn what marketing methods work best for successful copywriters.
  • Discover ways to get in front of your target audience and build a strong and loyal client base.
  • Hear interviews with experts in the copywriting and business-building fields — experts that will help you grow your business.
  • Learn how to put systems in place so your business runs smoothly and you can spend time doing what you love…copywriting.
  • Hear from other business building experts like Chet Holmes, Robert Imbriale and Nancy Morris.

This isn’t your traditional copywriting class. You’re going to get your hands dirty and get your business off the ground. You’ll have homework assignments that Kelly and Terri will personally give you feedback on. You’ll develop your marketing materials and create articles for publication — plus you’ll learn how to get in front of the right person at the publications you want to write for. You’ll have a clear vision of your business and how it will run.

Every other week of this 10-week course will include expert interviews. Experts in a field that will directly impact your ability to get the business you’ve been thinking about for so long…a business that makes well over $100,000 a year. You will take the action steps necessary to make your dream a reality.

Group sizes are understandably very limited for this roll-out program.

This is highly specialized and serious coaching, training and interactive mentoring support. This class is for you if you’re serious about making high-profits in copywriting this year and creating the business you want. For more information, visit Copywriting E-course with Kelly Robbins and Terri Levine



Portable Writing: The Secret to Living Your Dreams with 25 Projects to Fund Your Freedom (Paperback) by Kay Kennedy

Free Excerpt From The Book (requires Adobe Acrobat Reader)

Review from Writers Weekly:

Want to be a well-paid writer but don't know how?

In Portable Writing you'll find step-by-step instructions for 25 profitable writing projects. Included are creative ideas that aren't found in any other book on writing, yet are so simple any writer can profit from them. The book also provides directions for finding people who want and need your services and features anecdotal examples and illustrations throughout the book. Writers can earn income anywhere, whether they live in Muleshoe, Texas or Humptulips, Washington, or while traveling. A bonus section features information on RVing and finding writing opportunities on the road. Projects covered in the book include: an overview of writing for publication, including books and magazine articles; instructions for six types of newsletters, including the unique concept of joint newsletters for clients; news releases; ghostwritten books; ghostwritten articles for business owners and corporate executives for trade and industry magazines; organizational histories; family histories and recipe books; cookbooks; how-to and inspirational books; and weekly columns for business owners and professionals. Also included are instructions for brochures and seven smaller, but profitable projects. There are no educational requirements or geographical limits for a successful writing career. Recent graduates will learn how to find creative freedom as a writer. Military and corporate spouses will learn a new, portable career that will travel with them no matter where they're transferred. Retirees will learn how to make their retirement more fulfilling. Those who want to learn how to write will find their launching pad to success in Portable Writing. This is the only book that provides writers with both their survival guide and their ticket to freedom!

Amazon's price: $16.95


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"Rivers know this: There is no hurry, we shall get there some day."

-- Winnie the Pooh


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