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Welcome to the Pivotal Network Business Support

Here you will find the three ways the Pivotal network provides business support.

There are resources to help you build the success of your business,

Support Services that will publicise your business across the Pivotal Network,

and the Member Directory to introduce you to some of our Business Members




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Support Services

List your article for publication

List your book to be featured

Organise advertising for your event, book, product, service or business

Find a speaker for your event --- List yourself as an event speaker

Request satchel inserts for your event ---  Find events wanting satchel inserts

List your Event/Celebration/Achievement

Create a member to member offer

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Member Directory 


Recent members



Kathy Westgate Keaton

Kathy Keaton is  a Therapeutic Hospital Clown. She is also a keynote speaker, recognized for her gentle light-hearted character of “Piccolo the Clown”. Her presentation focuses on the power of humour on health and well being and the detrimental effects that long term stress can have on our health. She shares hilarious true life and hospital stories with lots of audience participation. Kathy always leaves her audience laughing and walking away with tools they can use.


Location:  San Angelo, Texas USA


Francis Nmeribe

Francis Nmeribe coaches and hosts personal transformation seminars across West Africa, helping people to diversify their sources of income by creating multiple streams of income.  He helps people discover their life’s purpose and passion which they pursue to make a success of their financial, family and social lives.

Location:  Nigeria


Historical Experiences


Step Back in Time to experience Colonial or Regency times through activities, costume, dance and food.  Experience a Regency Tea Party, a Tea Dance or Rout, a Colonial Ball or an afternoon of Old Time crafts and activities.


Location:  Brisbane, Queensland, Australia



PCH Financial


We deliver advice on financially protecting your life, your income, your family and your savings.  Above all, we LISTEN and only after going through all of the other component parts of the concept will we suggest a solution. There isn't always a solution. 

Location:   Springfield, Queensland, Australia



Shifting Visions


Fear holds us back from achieving what we desire. Fear-Free thinking can be attained once you know and embed the steps. Learn how to avert the Fear of Selling, the Fear of Public Speaking and the Fear of Failure by participating in a workshop individually designed to meet your requirements.


Location:  Brisbane, Queensland, Australia

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