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Member Profile:  Dawn Foster



Dawn Alice


Tarot and Numerology Pathway to Knowing the real YOU






About Me


Dawn Alice is a Psychic and Author, who has superior knowledge of the Tarot and Numerology with expertise in the area of metaphysics. Dawn Alice is also a Reiki Master with a deep understanding of Crystal and Colour Therapy. Through her words of wisdom, Dawn Alice has guided many clients, students and readers along their true path. Life Love Tarot was the first book published by Dawn Alice and Life Love Numbers was launched in October 2013 . Love of Numbers and Angels is to be released early 2014 followed by Life Love Crystals late 2014.


Contact me






(07) 32096873














Penguin, Tasmania, Australia

Services by Dawn Alice include

•Tarot Readings conducted in a private and comfortable environment

•Internet Tarot Readings which are administered with as much confidentially as a face to face reading

•Numerology charts for individuals or couples as an ideal wedding gift

•Numerology analyst for newborn babies

•Tarot and Psychic Events to celebrate birthdays, bridal showers or just for fun

•Guest appearances, tarot demonstration and book signing

•Workshops in Numerology, Tarot and Understanding Crystals

•Internet Tarot Classes

•Magazine articles and Guest Blogging for related spiritual interests


Think your way to Prosperity

“A man is but the product of his thoughts. What he thinks, he becomes.” ~  Gandhi

You’ve heard it all before and Gandhi is right – we are self-made.  Think it, feel it, behave like it and you become it.  What is ‘it’? ‘It’ is the consequences of our mind. Never under estimate the power of your fastest vehicle towards a fulfilling life – your psyche.

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How to Improve the Energies of  your Home

Does your home attract positive people and prosperity? Are you living in and enjoying your environment? Whether the answer is no, or yes, the hints I am sharing will benefit you

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