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Because of Winn-Dixie

Because of Winn-Dixie  

by Kate Di Camillo

Recalling the fiction of Harper Lee and Carson McCullers, here is a funny, poignant, and utterly genuine first novel from a major new talent.
An unforgettable first novel about coming of age one sweet summer–and learning to love what you have.

Discussion notes, trailer, teacher lesson plans & more => http://bit.ly/TwLZCR

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Reconcile hatred and healing – After by Morris Gleitzman

ISBN 978-0141343136
Format Paperback
Publisher Puffin Books
Published 2 August 2012

After the Nazis took my parents I was scared
After they killed my best friend I was angry
After they ruined my thirteenth birthday I was determined
To get to the forest
To join forces with Gabriek and Yuli
To be a family
To defeat the Nazis after all

Following a heartbreaking struggle to survive as a Jewish child in Germany, Felix faces perhaps his greatest challenge - to find hope when he's lost almost everything. In the fourth part of Felix's story, continuing his adventures in World War Two, he faces perhaps his greatest challenge - to find hope when he's lost almost everything, including his parents. As Europe goes through the final agonizing stages of the war, Felix struggles to reconcile hatred and healing. He's helped by a new friend, but if he should lose her as well ...

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You can count on blue dog – for the iPad

This IPad app is a fun way for children to learn counting while enjoying the fabulous Blue Dog artwork of George Rodrigue. http://bit.ly/xI9yMg

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2011 Caldecott winner – A Sick Day for Amos McGee

A Sick Day for Amos McGee

Philip Christian Stead
Winner of the 2011 Randolph Caldecott Medal

THE BEST SICK DAY EVER and the animals in the zoo feature in this striking picture book debut. Friends come in all sorts of shapes and sizes. In Amos McGee’s case, all sorts of species, too! Every day he spends a little bit of time with each of his friends at the zoo, running races with the tortoise, keeping the shy penguin company, and even reading bedtime stories to the owl. But when Amos is too sick to make it to the zoo, his animal friends decide it’s time they returned the favor.

Read the review and watch as Illustrator Erin Stead talks about the process of creating the artwork for her Caldecott-winning picture book, A SICK DAY FOR AMOS MCGEE. => http://bit.ly/wFdS8B

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There’s hippopotamus on our roof eating cake – trailer and fiction activities

There's a Hippopotamus on our roof eating cake

Hazel Edwards

My daddy says there's a hole in our roof. I know why there's a hole. There's a hippopotamus on our roof eating cake.' This classic story about one of the largest and most famous imaginary friends has been delighting children around the world now for 30 years.

http://bit.ly/jjjXT0 for more on the book, the trailer and fiction activities for the book

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From award-winning Australian author, Margaret Wild – The Dream of the Thylacine

The Dream of the Thylacine

Margaret Wild and Ron Brooks 

This arresting and beautiful picture book from Margaret Wild and Ron Brooks is a shimmering encounter with the Tasmanian tiger, a lament for a lost species, and a compelling evocation of the place of animals in Nature.

For more about the book plus acess Curriculum notes => http://bit.ly/mxTf4p

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Celebrating doodles with Doodleday


by Ross Collins
Mom has just one thing to tell Harvey on Doodleday--no drawing allowed! But surely drawing one little fly can't hurt. Not until Harvey's fly comes to life and starts to wreck the kitchen, that is! What can Harvey draw that will catch it? A spider! But the spider proves to be even more trouble. Only one thing is capable of stopping Harvey's rampaging doddles...Mom!

Activities for Doodleday at http://bit.ly/kYiCrd

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Bestseller for kids – Artemis Fowl

I have just put together a page for Artemis Fowl by Eoin Colfer - with this synopsis, a trailer and a package of links to more than 20 fiction activities for the book. You can visit it here => http://bit.ly/luVDdz

Twelve-year-old villain, Artemis Fowl, is the most ingenious criminal mastermind in history. His bold and daring plan is to hold a leprechaun to ransom. But he's taking on more than he bargained for when he kidnaps Captain Holly Short of the LEPrecon (Lower Elements Police Reconnaissance Unit). For a start, leprechaun technology is more advanced than our own. Add to that the fact that Holly is a true heroine and that her senior officer Commander Root will stop at nothing to get her back and you've got the mother of all sieges brewing!

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Robert Louis Stevenson gets his revenge on sneaky literary agent – 120 years later

The Treasure Island author's fairytales are finally to be published in one set, as he intended

Robert Louis Stevenson lived out his last years on a Samoan island. Photograph: Bettmann/Corbis
The literary betrayal of one of the most popular writers in the English language, Robert Louis Stevenson, is to be avenged in the first collected edition of the great Scottish writer's little-known Samoan fairytales. => http://bit.ly/eNcyY4