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How Long Could You Survive Trapped In Your Own Home?




OnePlusYou Quizzes and Widgets

  From, a series of quizzes on business writing:

The Creativity Test


This scientifically-validated test is an inventory of 4 types of skills that help people express their creativity.
After you answer the questions, you'll be given a detailed report that will give you your scores and explain what they mean.

If you're a manager, teacher, parent, or supervisor, you might also want to take the manager's version  which looks at 8 types of skills that will help you elicit creativity in other people.

What kind of thinker are you?

Are you as musical as Mozart? Or are you a wordsmith like Wordsworth?

Try our quiz to find out what your thinking style is.     


First Lady Fashion Quiz

Think you know fashion?  Think you know history?  Test your knowledge by taking this quiz on the first ladies' inaugural ball gowns.  No Googling the answers!

Take the quiz



For kids ...     Fantasy Quiz

1.  A mermaid is half woman half

a. goat

b. fish

c. princess

d. elephant

More questions ...



Know Yourself Quiz

Free personality test

Take it now!


Compare your reading skills
  Compare your skills to others!

This is a fun quick interactive test of your
  • reading speed
  • comprehension
  • vocabulary
It's FREE and only takes six minutes. Find out how your skills compare. Your results are reported at the end of the questions. This test is standardized against against the results of 30,592 participants. To start, click on the "Next button".

Home Literacy Environment Checklist

You are your child’s first teacher. Your home is where your child will get his or her first experiences with books and reading.

Look around your home and think about what you do with your child. If the statement on the checklist is true, place a check in the “true” column. If the statement is false, place a check in the “false” column. When you are finished, count up the number of checks

in the true column and find that number on the chart at the end of the checklist. Use the results as a guideline to see what you can do for your child.

Click here to continue: 





Short term memory test

The average person's short-term memory can hold about 7 pieces of information. This test will help determine your limit. Once you have determined the capacity of your short-term memory, try to improve it by using our memory exercises. You can keep taking the test to see how well you are improving.


What stereotype do you belong to?

Are you a prep, a jock, a punk, an emo kid, a loner, a gamer, a geek/nerd, or just your average joe? take this quiz to find out. The harsh reality awaits you.



Are you a
Victim, Villain, Hero

or Revolutionary?
Find out, take
the 5 minute
Conflict Quiz.




Leadership Style

Every person is born with the power to influence those around them. However, just as each person has a unique background and personality, everyone has a different leadership style. This personality quiz will tell you what your leadership style is according to something called the Leadership Compass.


  Seems I’m definitely not going to be an air hostess, according to the Exciting Game for Career Girls. Shame I’m not going to be a doctor or a vet, or even a librarian – maybe those are reserved for the guys in

“What shall I be – for boys”


The Smart Shopper’s Quiz

So you think you know about shopping? check your shopping IQ

  How Smart Are You?
Take our innovative IQ Test to find out.


The Great Persuasion, Attraction, and Perception Quiz



Quiz: Your Harry Potter Alter Ego Is...?



 The Jealousy Quiz


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Is Your Business Built on a Solid Foundation?

Are You Sure?


Will your company continue on if something happened to you?
Do you have a clear vision of where you want your company to
be in 10 years, and 25 years?
Can it survive changes in technologies, the market or the loss
of key people and key customers? Are you leveraging all
of your resources to their full potential?


Get All 3 of These Free Resources, and See How Your
Organization Stacks Up against a World Class Benchmark






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