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Action Plan Marketing.

If you're a small business owner or a self-employed professional, this site contains a huge number of resources to help you be a better marketer. There are articles, a free ezine and many marketing tools.

You can check it out here.


  The codfish lays ten thousand eggs,
The homely hen just one;
The codfish never cackles
To tell us that she’s done.
And so we scorn the codfish,
And the homely hen we prize.
Which demonstrates to you and me
That it pays to advertise.
Trust Economies: Investigation into the New ROI of the Web
A Manifesto from Julien Smith and Chris Brogan

“If You Build It, They Won't Come What happened to the early days? You built a baseball stadium, a store, a web app, and people flocked to it... now what? We are suspicious of marketing. We don't trust strangers as willingly. Buzz is suspect. It can be bought. Instead, consumers and business people alike are looking towards trust. We want our friends to tell us it's good. We want someone we know to say we should look into it. Marketing spend might start at awareness, but in the Trust Economy, communities are king, and ROI stands for Return on Influence.”   Ask for your free copy now



Holiday Word of Mouth


When you are first beginning with your word of mouth marketing, where should you start?

Well, with people who already know you.

Family, friends, colleagues, casual acquaintances, and people who have known you in the past.

However this type of word of mouth is not just useful when you are starting out.

Holidays are often a time when you will automatically meet people whom you haven’t spoken to in ages.


  The Gaming Invasion

If there's two things you don't usually hear together in the same sentence, it's libraries and video games. Look for that to change real fast. We've been working long and hard on something here, but we're now ready to pretty much make the whole deal public, and what better place then to do it here first?  Article continues


  How to Improve Your Business's Image
Turn your business into a superstar by building an irresistible image.

You know you run a stellar business--now it's time to boost that image of yours so all the world knows it. Follow these five steps from Kim T. Gordon, president of National Marketing Federation Inc., a marketing consulting company, and author of Maximum Marketing, Minimum Dollars: The Top 50 Ways to Grow Your Small Business, to raise your business image to new heights.


How to be the top salesperson for twenty years

So how do you maintain a level of number one sales person for a period of twenty years at every sales organization that you go to? There are a lot of factors. However, two of the most important are:

1. NEVER wing it!
2. Understand that buying is an emotional decision


12 Months of Holiday Promotions

Year-round, holidays are great hooks for all types of marketing promotions, provided you think outside the box.



Marketing - Do People Really Care How Long You've Been in Business?

Some marketing consultants talk about how you should always stress benefits, and never talk about features … and how you should always focus on the customer, and never on the company.

But is that always true? Of course not. For instance, the number of years you’ve been in business is a feature – a fact about the company. Yet prospects care how long you’ve been in business -- and your longevity can help close the sale.




Glossy Rut-Buster

"Even though the magazine addict in me perked up with glee after reading this tip from Daniel Pink's A Whole New Mind, I hadn't put it into action until just now. It's simple. Go pick up five magazines that you've never heard of in areas you've never chosen to read about. Flip through at will, maybe tear out some images or articles that speak to you in some way, then watch for breakthroughs.


More on Creativity and Innovation

The blogosphere and customer-focused innovation

What do the blogosphere and customer-focused innovation have to do with each other?  More than you think, according to Patricia Seybold, author of Outside Innovation: How Your Customers Will Co-Design Your Company’s Future. Thanks to blogs, more people are communicating publicly than ever before in the history of the world. This trend is reshaping how we communicate with one another and how we share ideas and experiences. Because of its growing importance as a communications medium, Seybold says it would be a mistake to ignore it as part of your innovation efforts.

How can you harness the power of the blogosphere for innovation? Here are some strategies that Seybold mentions in her book:


  Web Content: Knowing Whether It’s to Sell You or Inform You
by Reid Goldsborough

When you pick up a magazine or newspaper, you want to know whether what you’re reading was written to inform you or to sell you. It has long been a publishing tradition to clearly separate editorial content from advertising material. Both have their purpose and their usefulness, but both have their place.

The same principle applies to the brave new world of online publishing, although norms and practices are still emerging. This applies equally to Web pages and to search engines (the technology that often gets people to Web pages).  Article continues



E-Mail Marketing Trends: E-Mail Gets Bigger by Going Smaller

As people scan e-mails with preview panes, disabled images and tiny-screened handheld devices, savvy e-mail marketers craft campaigns that aim small--but think big.


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'Influentials' and 'Imitators': How to Better Forecast the Sale of New Products

 Two Wharton researchers have developed a mathematical model that they say will allow companies, for the first time, to predict at what pace new products will gain acceptance in markets where purchasing decisions by knowledgeable, influential customers sway the buying habits of others.



"It's not your customer's job to remember you. It is your obligation and responsibility to make sure they don't have the chance to forget you."

- Patricia Fripp

  Marketing your business with your mouth

Promote yourself to the masses by becoming an expert speaker at your target market's events.

It's always amazing to me that when I speak at an association meeting, conference or breakout session at a convention, people always come up to me afterwards to inquire about hiring me. It doesn't matter what the audience size is--it always happens.

Article continues

More on Public Speaking


Secrets for Generating Maximum  Attention-Getting Power in Your Ads

1. Size matters.

The purpose of a headline or subhead is to seize the reader's attention. Larger and bolder heads generally seize attention better than smaller, lighter ones.

Read on ...

The “15-Second Marketing” System:
The Fastest Way to Attract New Clients

Crunch Time - 8 cheap Marketing Tactics


Your business may be on a budget, but you can still pump up your visibility.

 These 8 proven tactics will get you noticed on the cheap.


Successful Marketing Strategies- The Easiest Strategy For Getting Referrals 

I want to talk to you about what is perhaps the most effective, yet underused referral strategy that I know which is to...
...simply ask for them.
Many business owners and executives, professionals and even sales people have all sorts of mental hang-ups about asking for referrals. However, most of those hang-ups are invalid and I find that those who ask, get

Read on ...

   Free Public speaking Minicourses


5 Cheap Ways to Market Your Business
Think you can't afford to implement any effective marketing tactics? Think again. Here are five ways to make a splash on a shoestring budget.

Read on ...


ublicity Strategy for your organisation

I have taken this strategy from a suggestion made by John Stanley, a conference speaker and retail consultant. He was writing to encourage publicity for libraries, but the idea would work just as well for many organisations. He writes, “An advertiser’s dream is to hit its target audience when they are not distracted by other advertisers and have time to absorb the promotion. In today’s hectic world those situations are rare, hence the high dollars to get product placement adverts on movies. … Café menu holders featuring a promotion are used in other retail sectors. The objective is to educate and promote whilst the person is having a cup of coffee. Coffee shops often have Perspex menu holders and you can use these to promote [your organisation], services and [programmes]. The great thing about these holders is that people read them while having a relaxing cup of coffee … Placing adverts in newspapers is not the way to grow [organisations], we need to be innovators and the opportunities are there.” John Stanley Associates website is
So how can we use this idea? Do you meet in a café? Then could you arrange to have your publicity displayed there? Do you know someone who owns a café who could display for your organisation? Otherwise, what do you have to offer your local café owners to persuade them to display your promotional materials? Think about it. Do you could offer training? What would it cost to advertise in your local café? How much of a year’s training does that amount to? Try offering that to the café owner. Maybe they have a friend or family member who would benefit from your training. Who from your organisation has the skills to offer this trade? If no one in the club will take it on, maybe you have a friend or relative who could negotiate for you … the options are yours.


  In Your Face! 10 Crazy Marketing Stunts
Say it loud and proud with these funky, spunky, cheap ideas to get noticed.
Marketing is made up of many, many, many things all working to support one another and to touch your customers many times. And yes--I meant to say "many" that many times. Marketing is a process, not an event; you have to think marketing all the time.  Read on ...


Networking: Wing it and you'll flap in the breeze

It is the inevitable topic of conversation at a networking event: Tell me about your job.

When I explain my life's work -- teaching leaders to achieve their dreams through powerful public speaking -- my conversation partner often shrugs and says, "Oh, I could never deliver a speech. I get too nervous."

My response: "What do you think you are doing right now?"

Make no mistake, when you network, you are delivering a series of minipresentations. If you don't know how to put your best foot forward in these business-critical situations, you can forget about building your business or advancing your career.

Master networkers realize that attitude and preparation are vital ingredients for success. How do these pros set themselves up as winners in the networking arena? Let's examine a dynamic dozen techniques:   Read on ...


Branding Ph.D.: The Secret to Becoming the

Top-of-Mind Expert on Your Topic So Prospects,

Media, and Publishers Call You!

When you hear “futurist,” who do you think of? What about “marketing expert,” “leadership guru,” “motivation authority” or “customer service specialist”? Would you like to be on the short list for your expertise?

What are you known for?

If you’re ready to be one-of-a-kind instead of one-of-many, you’re ready for this teleseminar.  

Click here to find out more ...



Make Your Mark

3 simple ways to make your online enterprise a standout.


Niche Marketing: Targeting the Best Prospects

Make your offering unique and avoid the competition

Many entrepreneurs think that selling to the widest possible market is the likeliest path to success. They are afraid to pursue a market niche because they fear they'll lose business by turning away customers. But this 'take all comers' approach is not very effective. It's hard to stand out when you market your business without a distinctive set of prospects in mind.



Testimonials - let your clients do the selling for you

When I talk with my clients about adding testimonials to their marketing toolbox, I get a lot of nodding heads and agreement. And yet, many businesses put testimonial gathering on the back burner. It becomes one of those "important but not urgent" activities. I'd love to see you turn up the fire on this no-brainer marketing tool that yields strong benefits at miniscule expense.

Here are a few tips and compelling reasons to begin creating your inventory of client testimonials:




Email Signatures - Nonprofits' Most Missed Marketing Tool


Email signatures (a.k.a. sig lines) are powerful, low-cost, high-return marketing tools (a virtual business card or ad) for your foundation or organization. What's interesting is how seldom sig lines are used.

Consider this: If your organization has 30 employees, each of whom sends 15 emails daily outside the organization, then (assuming 250 business days) that's 112,500 business cards or ads distributed annually, at no cost. If you have 100 employees, that's 375,000 cards or ads annually.



The Myth Movie

Build the business and life of your dreams




by Tia Dobi
"What makes you unique makes you successful." - William Arruda, CEO of  Reach, a recognized global leader in branding organizations and the people who belong to them.
I'm a copywriter. And this is my confession: You gotta bulletproof your business.
Don't believe me? Then try these latest library mottos on for size, look and feel:




The Role of Color in Branding

Colour and brand are inextricably linked. Think of all the brands that bring a colour to mind -- Tiffany's trademark Robin Egg blue, Starbuck's green, UPS' "What can brown do for you?" Each of these brands don't just use their colour -- they own the colour.

Colour moves us. It sparks memories and can convey emotion. In marketing, colour can determine which product a customer selects. A trip to any market or grocery store will confirm what retail merchandisers already know: colour is an important component of the memory we carry about a brand and it helps us to select the same product repeatedly. Colour becomes a shortcut in the selection process. We look for the orange box. The bright blue bottle. The red can.

The Role of Color in Branding

Colour and brand are inextricably linked. Think of all the brands that bring a colour to mind -- Tiffany's trademark Robin Egg blue, Starbuck's green, UPS' "What can brown do for you?" Each of these brands don't just use their colour -- they own the colour.

Colour moves us. It sparks memories and can convey emotion. In marketing, colour can determine which product a customer selects. A trip to any market or grocery store will confirm what retail merchandisers already know: colour is an important component of the memory we carry about a brand and it helps us to select the same product repeatedly. Colour becomes a shortcut in the selection process. We look for the orange box. The bright blue bottle. The red can.




First Impressions

You never get a second chance to grab your audience’s attention, so give centre stage to a headline that really turns heads.


The Unwritten Rules of Referral

How to use other people's contacts, clients, and clout to generate a flood of new business

Continuing the message
You probably get at least one of these among your monthly credit card bills. We're talking about a remittance envelope that offers you things you may or may not want to order.
But have you ever considered borrowing that same idea and adding helpful information to your own reply envelope?



"Questions to Ask At A Meeting That Includes a Meal"

I know that you, my readers will not believe this, but I'm an introvert. And I know that it's not easy being an introvert and a successful business owner, too.

Being known locally, even if you have a virtual business, is something every business owner must do to build credibility and a stellar reputation. Even the Internet Guru's attend networking meetings and speak to groups as a way to market their online business.

Attending a meeting of an organization or association may mean three types of networking opportunities - pretty overwhelming and nerve racking for an introvert who is not prepared.

More on Networking



Creating a Power-Packed Headline

By Clayton Makepeace

Every part of your sales message is important. Your opening is crucial. Your presentation of product benefits ... of proof and credibility elements ... of the offer and premiums ... of your guarantee ... and of your closing "ask-for-the-sale" copy are all critical.

But of all the things you do to produce a sale, nothing equals your headline when it comes to pushing response through the roof. In my 33 years in this business, I've seen great new headlines produce 25%, 35%, even 45% lifts in response and ROI.

Why are heads so important? Two reasons:

Read the whole article

  Frequency in Advertising

You've probably heard the old adage that it takes 7 - 9 exposures for people to begin to be aware of who you are. But that isn't really the formula.

The formula for memorable advertising is really this: relevant ad +speaking to one person at a time+reaching the same person at least three times in seven nights sleep= Dominance of Category Awareness.

Top 5 Traits of Successful E-Mail Marketers

What’s the difference between a good e-mail marketer and a great e-mail marketer? These 5 traits.

10 Email Marketing "Must Dos" in 2006: Key Strategies for Success

Write a Creative Marketing Plan in 7 Sentences
Our Guerrilla Marketing coach explains the quickest way to create an effective marketing plan, plus 7 ways to ensure its success.
The Web Site Toolkit

This comprehensive program gives you everything you need to build a high quality professional service business web site.

The Web Site Toolkit is divided into sections that correspond to each section of a web site. Included in each section is an audio tutorial that you can listen to online (mp3 and Real Audio), a written manual as a pdf and links to web site samples. In addition, there are links to resources such as editors, writers, web designers and useful web and Internet tools.



Click on the picture to enrol in this course for free. 



"Keep Your Marketing Simple and More
Effective With This 6-Step Model"

Whether you are a professional in a solo-practice or own a small business, chances are you feel overwhelmed when it comes to marketing. While you may be an expert in your field, consistently attracting new clients probably isn’t one of your strengths.

Here is just a short list of "marketing culprits" that are likely keeping your business from reaching its full potential:

Read on ...



NFP Communications Research & Toolkit Offer

A recent US survey of Not for Profit organisations has found that many NFPs are lacking effective marketing and communications with current and would-be supporters.

The study, conducted by Not for Profit consultation group Cause Communications, found only one in five respondents knew what their peers were doing in the area of communications, and 90 percent of respondents said their organisations did no market research on their target audience.

Fifty-nine percent of respondents answered that their communications budget could be better; 12 percent said they had no such budget at all.

Lisa Witter, the executive vice president of a New York consulting firm says that while both large and small NFPs have been traditionally excellent with organisation, policy, and fundraising, communication and media relations remains at a deficit.

Those tasks, experts say, are essential to widening recognition of an organisation's goals and broadening long-term support.

The situation in Australia is expected to be very similar.

The result of this research has seen Cause Communications produce an exhaustive Communications Toolkit that translates well to the Australian scene. 
Read more



A New Publicity Pitch

Taking advantage of local or timely events is a great way to get cheap publicity for your organisation.
Improve Your Website's Reputation

If you're ignoring your link popularity--the number and quality of other sites that link to yours--your search engine rankings will suffer. Find out what makes good links and how to get t


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