7 Keys for Joyful Living

Here are some thoughts for finding and experiencing joy in your life. If there were one thing I could wish upon my family, friends and the readers of this [article], it would be joy in everything they do!

Know your purpose. Nothing will bring you joy more than knowing what it is that you are about on this earth. Not knowing brings sadness, wondering, fear and lack of fulfilment. Above all, find out what your unique purpose is here on this earth - then fulfil it! As you do, you will experience joy!

Live purposefully. This is a follow up to number one. It is one thing to know your purpose, but then you need to live according to that purpose. This is a matter of priorities. Let your actions and schedule reflect your purpose. Don't react to circumstances and let them cause you to live without your purpose fully in site. Living without your purpose will cause frustration. Living purposefully will bring you deep satisfaction and joy!

Stretch yourself. Don't settle into the status quo. That will leave you unfulfilled. Always look to stretch yourself. Whatever you are doing, stretch yourself to do more! Stretching yourself will break the limits you have set for yourself and will cause you to find joy in your expanded horizons!

Give more than you take. It brings happiness to accumulate. It brings joy to give away. Sure, getting the car you worked hard for will bring you a sense of satisfaction and even happiness. But it won't bring you joy. Giving something away to the less fortunate will bring you deep, abiding joy.

Surprise yourself, and others too. The words here are spontaneity and surprise! Every once in a while, do the unexpected. It will cause everybody to sit back and say, "Wow, where did that come from?" It will put a little joy in your life, and theirs.

Indulge yourself sometimes. Too much indulgence and you are caught in the happiness trap. Looking for the next purchase, celebration etc to bring you a little "happiness high." But if you will allow yourself an infrequent indulgence as a reward for a job well done and a life well lived, you will appreciate the indulgence and experience the joy of it.

Laugh a little - no, a lot! Most people are just too serious. We need to laugh a little - no, a lot! Learn to laugh daily, even if you have to learn to laugh in bad situations. This life is to be enjoyed! The next time you go to the movie rental store, get a comedy and let loose! Let yourself laugh!

Joy can be yours! Look for it, pursue it and enjoy it!

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Dating 101: Principles and Practice

Dating is the initial and critical first stage in the relationships leading to marriage.  Dating is so important and so terribly misunderstood in this day and age.  As people get involved with dating, they quickly discover that they are in the middle of big unfathomable sea and they are confused.  Youth and young single adults coming into dating newly as well as older single  adults including formerly married men and women have discovered to their chagrin that they have no idea how to make dating work for them.

Dating 101: Principles and Practice is dedicated to charting the all important road-map to this critical stage in the relationships between the sexes.  It explains the principles and the best practices to ensure that you can enjoy the dating stage of the relationship between the male and female gender and have the hope of your dating transiting smoothly into courtship and marriage.

Readers would find Dating 101: Principles and Practice answering the questions they have always asked about dating, such as “where can I find who to date?  “How do I date appropriately? How do I date a guy to early marriage decision? How do I know that he or she is into me? How can I know he or she is my Mr. and Miss Right?  How can I avoid premarital sex during dating? Why should I avoid premarital sex during dating and a lot more?


Author:  Pivotal Network Member, Francis Nmeribe


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How To Gain A Supportive Vision For Life


Our vision of life, our expectations and mindset form either bridges to our achievement in life or stumbling blocks for same. Nobody can go beyond the furthest point of his or her imagination and knowledge. The earlier we know this in life, the better for us all.

Here are activities and mindsets can help you gain a supportive vision for life:

1. Imagination: Imagination builds cities, conquers diseases, develops a career, and sets off a relationship. Albert Einstein, the great atomic energy scientist said that imagination is superior to intelligence. That is to say that if you can extend yourself and envision the life you want without feeling limited by the problems of the present times, you have a great chance of achieving what you want. You have to imagine yourself being able to do everything required to ensure peace and progress for yourself and the rest of mankind. Put your imagination to good use and you will be well served.

2. Dreams: If you can't think of it, if you can't dream having it, if you can't see you doing it ahead of the action time, then it is not realizable. Give yourself the chance to dream and to risk. What do you want? If you can dream it, you can do it. You have the power in your hands. Your mental power is limitless. Majority of men and women lead incomplete lives when they can have more. They never really investigate their potentialities. They erroneously believe that tomorrow must be as unfulfilling as yesterday.

3. Desire: Your desire is the propelling force for the achievement of your goals and life purpose. Desire is the unexpressed possibility of an idea wishing to be expressed. You must want something before you can get it. The desire for a good life must remain constant no matter your circumstances in life. School your desires though and be sure it is not on mundane things.

4. Knowledge: You must seek knowledge unceasingly. You need quality knowledge for quality life. Hidden treasures are inside books, seminars and in network of net worthy people. University education is good and necessary. But daily study and action is the key to power and success. You cannot go beyond your knowledge in life. We are affected knowledge. What you don't know will hurt you. What you don't know will adversely affect your life, said Jim Rohn. You must continue to learn to remain alive and for a chance to succeed in life. Financial intelligence is critical. Wealth creation attitude is a necessity.

5. Faith: Faith means confidence, trust and belief. You need faith in two important areas of your life - (1) Faith in God, the Eternal Father and His Son Jesus Christ and the fact that they want you to be a success in life. (2) Faith in Yourself, in your ability to reach your fullest potential. And the good news is that your faith in God and yourself can be grown over time by study and action.

6. Purpose: Everyone has a WHY of his or her existence. What do you think is the WHY of your existence? What are you drawn to naturally that you feel at home doing? What do you enjoy especially in service to other people? What service to others excites you each time you think of or do it? One of the synonyms of purpose is reason. So, what do you imagine to be the reason(s) why God created you? You can find your why. You need to find your why.

7. Passion: The synonyms of passion include enthusiasm, zeal and excitement. You need to be passionate or enthusiastic about your life purpose, your goals and objectives. You need to pursue everything before you with zeal. You need to be excited about your studies, work and activities. And this is in spite of the circumstances. It is your life we are talking about here and the best way to live your life is to do so passionately. Only a passion driven life is worth living.

8. Goals, Strategies, Action: To succeed in life, you must specify what you want at every point in time, specify strategies (plan of action) and take those actions consistently. It is called goals, strategies and action (GSA). This is the same method used and advocated by J. Paul Getty, an American multi-billionaire in the 1960s and at that time the richest man on earth. Mr. Getty actually advocated massive action. Action would give you experience, experience would give you evidence and evidence would give you a testimony that it is true or not, right or wrong. Nothing happens unless you take action. In fact, there is no real knowledge without action.

Prepare by study, by prayer, by faith and by action and you would truly be ready for life, leadership and service. These activities will change your life. These activities will change you to a person of power and put you in a position to change the world for good. You will find happiness, wealth, peace and your place in service to your fellow men than in doing drug and crime.


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The Human Spark – Kids Are Naturally Altruistic

Rising Strong: How the Ability to Reset Transforms the Way We Live, Love, Parent, and Lead

When we deny our stories, they define us. When we own our stories, we get to write the ending.

Social scientist Brené Brown has ignited a global conversation on courage, vulnerability, shame, and worthiness. Her pioneering work uncovered a profound truth: Vulnerability—the willingness to show up and be seen with no guarantee of outcome—is the only path to more love, belonging, creativity, and joy. But living a brave life is not always easy: We are, inevitably, going to stumble and fall.

It is the rise from falling that Brown takes as her subject in Rising Strong. As a grounded theory researcher, Brown has listened as a range of people—from leaders in Fortune 500 companies and the military to artists, couples in long-term relationships, teachers, and parents—shared their stories of being brave, falling, and getting back up. She asked herself, What do these people with strong and loving relationships, leaders nurturing creativity, artists pushing innovation, and clergy walking with people through faith and mystery have in common? The answer was clear: They recognize the power of emotion and they’re not afraid to lean in to discomfort.

Walking into our stories of hurt can feel dangerous. But the process of regaining our footing in the midst of struggle is where our courage is tested and our values are forged. Our stories of struggle can be big ones, like the loss of a job or the end of a relationship, or smaller ones, like a conflict with a friend or colleague. Regardless of magnitude or circumstance, the rising strong process is the same: We reckon with our emotions and get curious about what we’re feeling; we rumble with our stories until we get to a place of truth; and we live this process, every day, until it becomes a practice and creates nothing short of a revolution in our lives. Rising strong after a fall is how we cultivate wholeheartedness. It’s the process, Brown writes, that teaches us the most about who we are.


About the Author:

Dr. Brené Brown is a research professor at the University of Houston Graduate College of Social Work.She has spent the past thirteen years studying vulnerability, courage, worthiness, and shame.


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Scent-sible Driving


If your car is a lemon, you’ve got problems. But if it actually smells like lemon, it may make its owner a better driver. Or so concludes the British RAC Foundation for Motoring which has done research on the effects of smells on drivers and claims that certain scents can enhance or diminish driving performance.

Psychologist Conrad King explained that because "smell circumnavigates the logical part of the brain...the ability of various smells to over or under stimulate us as drivers can have catastrophic results."

Scents like coffee, peppermint, cinnamon, and salty sea air, they claim, can increase alertness and concentration almost imperceptibly.

On the other hand, fried food and baking smells can stir up road rage potential because drivers who feel hungry tend toward irritability and excessive speeds.

The scents of chamomile, jasmine, and lavender are also dangerous, since they can to cause drivers to relax - possibly too much - and feel sleepy.

Natural odors, like pine, cut grass, or wildflowers can distract from the task at hand as well.

Before abandoning the air freshener dangling from the rearview mirror for good, however, take note: even scentless car interiors can be problematic; they may heighten irritability and even incite the driver to odor hallucinations.



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The Power of Time Perception : Control the Speed of Time to Make Every Second Count

Have you ever felt that time was moving faster and faster as you are growing older?

Do you want to learn the secret of how to slow it down, so that you can make the most of every second?

Now you can!

With access to in-depth research, you can learn how to extend the good times and fast forward through the bad ones with The Power of Time Perception.

Inside the pages of this amazingly insightful book, you will learn how we think about time, the factors influencing our time experiences, and how YOU can make every second count.

There are 13 chapters that examine in more detail things like:

How our brains perceive time and reality?

What makes time speed up or slow down?

How our personality traits influence our time experience?

How emotions affect the speed of time in our mind?

The effect of smart drugs on the speed of time

Mental time travel into the future

How to create the longest year of your life?

And much more...

If time management is something you have struggled with in the past, and you really want to make every second of your life count, this is one book that has all the answers.

Get your copy of The Power of Time Perception today! Every second counts!    Amazon or The Book Depository


About the author:

Jean Paul Zogby, author of The Power of Time Perception, is a writer, researcher, music composer, and real estate development expert.
His current passion is to help people understand why time speeds up as we grow older and how to make the most of it. With the last 6 years spent researching Time Perception in the fields of Neuroscience and Cognitive Psychology, he is passionate about sharing what science has to say about our experience of time and ways to make every second count.
A husband and father of two lovely daughters and a son, he resides in Dubai where he is the CEO for a multi-billion construction project.
For more details, visit the Official Website at www.jpzogby.com

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