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7 new interactive sites on fossils.

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Dig It! The Secrets of Soil [Macromedia Flash Player]

The Smithsonian National Museum of Natural History has an online exhibition of the current changes the world is facing, from sky to soil, and everything in between. Exploring the world of soil is the focus of "Dig It! The Secrets of Soil". Under the "For Educators" tab are activities that extend the exhibit themes for use in the classroom or at home. Visitors should be sure to take a look at the "Wise Choices" section under the Exhibition tab, to see what farmers, builders and entire nations can do, and are doing, to save their soils


16 new websites to support lessons on farms, including two on farming of the future

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Periodical Table of Videos
Tables charting the chemical elements have been around since the 19th century - but this modern version has a short video about each one.


Teaching Kids With Learning Difficulties in the Regular Classroom: Strategies and Techniques Every Teacher Can Use to Challenge and Motivate Struggling Students







  Susan Winebrenner, Pamela Espeland


A gold mine of practical, easy-to-use teaching methods, strategies, and tips, it helps teachers differentiate the curriculum in all subject areas to meet the needs of all learners-including those labeled “slow,” “remedial,” or “LD,” students of poverty, English language learners, and others who struggle to learn. Full of proven ways to significantly improve learning outcomes for students who score below proficiency levels, this is an essential resource for every educator.   (more …)



See also Fiction Activities for Halloween


A Social Studies Activity on Bartering and Trade using a Halloween analogy.

Alphabet Letter Patterns: Halloween (A-P)

The letters of the alphabet, presented in black outline, filled with small pumpkins and candy corn. Four letters to a page. Great for bulletin boards, desk decorations, and more.


Halloween Point Plot-

A nice graphing activity. PDF File.


Monsters, Ghosts and other things that go boo-

A great series of fun activities.


Here is a lesson on Constant Digraphs for use around Halloween.


Alphabet Letter Patterns: Halloween (Q-Z)

The letters of the alphabet, presented in black outline, filled with small pumpkins and candy corn. Four letters to a page. Great for bulletin boards, desk decorations, and more.


A Drama lesson with Reading and Singing, best for use around Halloween


Pump Up the Curriculum With Pumpkins!-

So why not plan a theme around pumpkins?

Board Game: Halloween Theme 1 (elem)

This game reinforces the letter sounds c,d,f,n


This Estimation and Graphing lesson uses Pumpkin Seeds

Bookmarks: Halloween (color)

Fun Halloween-themed bookmarks.


Bookmarks: Halloween (color)

Four different Halloween bookmarks.


Bookmarks: Spiders


What Masks Reveal-

In this lesson, students explore the cultural significance of masks by investigating the role they play in ceremonies and on special occasions in societies from widely separated regions of the world.


This one is called the Pumpkin Numbers Game

Perfect Halloween Math lesson plan, estimating with pumpkin seeds

Border Paper: Spooky Bats (preschool)preschool lines; with spacer lines; with dashed mid-lines; portrait orientation; with a spooky bat graphic in the left margin


The House That Drac Built Haunted Houses-

Build a haunted house out of a paper bag, and shapes cut out of construction paper. Then attach the child's address to help them learn their address.


The History of Halloween-

Students will discover how the contemporary traditions of Halloween have evolved over the centuries, while experiencing some of the fun first hand!


A good Halloween idea called Monsters, Ghosts, and Other Things That Go BOO

Comprehension: Carving Old Jack (upper elementary)

Directions for pumpkin carving, as well as some facts about the tradition, form the basis of this reading comprehension.


Tales of the Supernatural- To explore the origins and development of a literary genre; to investigate how shared imaginative concerns link the members of a literary period; to examine the evolution of a literary tradition; to compare works of literature from different eras.


This Multidisciplinary lesson deals with the Estimation of a Pumpkin's Weight as it is carved


Although not a lesson plan, this collection of Halloween Songs are great for teaching Halloween Safety


Storyboard of "The Biggest Pumpkin Ever"-

"Given the beginning and ending sentences, the students will demonstrate their understanding by piecing together the events in the middle in the order that they occurred on their storyboard."

Comprehension: History of Halloween (elementary)

"We celebrate Halloween every year on October 31st. Where does the holiday come from?" Learn the answer to the origin of the holiday, as well as some traditions, with this reading comprehension.


A brief idea to use as a Halloween Writing Prompt


Spider Activities- A number of great ideas!


Crossword: Halloween1 DOWN: Clothes worn on Halloween?

This lesson builds familiarity with Reference Sources by Researching Night Creatures (good for Halloween)


Sorting Pumpkin Seeds-

"TLW sort colored pumpkin seeds into sets and graph the results."

Crossword: Halloween - interactive

1 DOWN: I sleep hanging upside down


Cut and Paste: Jack-o'-lantern Faces

Cut out these faces and paste them on pumpkin shapes.


Rhythm Canons are the topic of this brief Halloween (or other Holiday) lesson idea


Pumpkin Seed Count-

"Do you know how many seeds are inside the pumpkin? Follow these steps to find out."

Shape Witch-

In this Halloween geometry lesson, from California State University, Chico, students make witches using geometric shapes. They practice cutting and pasting skills, and they learn to name triangles, rectangles, squares, and circles.


This lesson is on Ascending and Descending Scale and is great for use around Halloween

Learning Center: Halloween - Pumpkin pages

Practice reading and following directions and cut and paste creativity while making a jack-o'-lantern. Pumpkin worksheet, Faces worksheet, cover page, and directions here. You will need scissors, glue, and markers/crayons.


This idea is to be used around Holidays for teaching ABCs and 123s

Autumn Fun - Children write biographies for their Pumpkin Pal art projects


Matching: Halloween (b/w) 1Set of six picture cards to use with matching activities and games. More picture cards in this set are available on our member site.

This yummy fall math idea uses candy corn to illustrate inequalities

Matching: Halloween (b/w) 2

Set of six picture cards to use with matching activities and games. More picture cards in this set are available on our member site.


Here are several Halloween math ideas using clever pumpkin/ghost lima bean counters

Maze: Cauldron (easy)

Can you get to the bottom of the cauldron without falling in?


In this inexpensive art lesson, students mix primary colors to paint a pumpkin scene on a rock

Memory Game: Halloween 3

Fun Halloween pictures and words make these flashcards useful for Halloween activities. Make two sets for a concentration/memory game.


"Ghouls and Goblins" is a clever Halloween tag game idea

Poetry Prompt: Halloween Alliterations

Learn about alliteration, then write some Halloween-themed alliterations.


Here is a fantastic multidiscipline spider unit titled "Spooky Spiders and Wacky Webs"


Pumpkin Observations- In this elementary science activity, students will have an opportunity to note the attributes, likenesses, and differences among pumpkins they have brought back to the classroom from a trip to a pumpkin farm.

Research and Report: Halloween

Report planner, KWL, and a lined page to write a report about Halloween.


This lesson uses games like "Tunnel Tag," and "Halloween Costume" to teach personal and general space awareness

Shapebook: Candy Corn (4 to a page)

Trace and cut out the unlined candy corn pattern for a great student shapebook.


This version of the Ghosts and Goblins Tag Game uses locomotor skills

Shapebook: Halloween - Bat and Pumpkin

Shapebook in the shape of a pumpkin and bat. Trace and cut out the primary lined pattern for a great student shapebook. 2 shapes on one page. Our shapebook generator is available to members.


"Witching You a Happy Halloween" is a multidisciplinary Halloween unit for the month of October


Shapebook: Halloween - Pumpkin

[member-created with abctools] Trace and cut out. This pumpkin-shaped shapebook has prompts for students to write about Halloween wishes.

This is a "Scary Story" lesson plan

Shapebook: Spooky House Numbers (0-9)

[member-created with abctools] Number words and numerals zero through nine; two per page.


"How to make Fake Warts" is a "cool" science lesson sent in by a student


Sign: Candy Corn Math

Sign: Halloween


Decoding these pumpkin math riddles will make Halloween learning fun

Story Starters: Halloween (elementary)

15 sentences to help start creative Halloween-themed stories.


This psychomotor Haunted Maze is a Halloween PE team building activity


Unscramble the Words: Halloween

[member-created with abctools] Unscramble the words from "ghost" to "haunted house".

Halloween invitations, envelopes, badges & stickers are created here with MS Word


Monster Mash- To practice chasing, fleeing and dodging skills.


Word Search: Book - Scary, Scary, Halloween

[member-created with abctools] Find the Halloween theme words from "candy" to "witch" in this Jack-o'-Lantern shaped word search. Supplements the book by Eve Bunting.


Have a Halloween Party-

Students will celebrate Halloween in a safe environment. Students will practice following instructions. Students will practice cooperation and other social skills.

Microsoft Publisher's text box tool is used here to label Halloween tombstones


Little Ghost-

To work on chasing, fleeing, and dodging during a Halloween based activity.

Word Search: Halloween

[member-created with abctools] Find the words from "bats" to "witch" in this jack-o'-lantern-shaped puzzle.


This is a Halloween pumpkin face geometry shapes lesson


Haunting Music-

In this lesson about music inspired by the spooky and bizarre, students will learn about orchestra “program music” by exploring the works of Hector Berlioz and Camille Saint-Saëns.


Pumpkin Creative Writing Project-

Build on students' creative writing skills.

Halloween Candy Sort-

A post-Halloween math activity that uses sorting, classification, and a Venn Diagram.


Haunted House-

To have children partake in a fun and active halloween activity.


Here Halloween storyboards are assembled and acted out

Pumpkin Numbers Game-

A timely math activity.


Halloween Maze-

Can you help the witch find her broomstick?


Happy Halloween-

This page has been created to provide child care providers and parents with fun activities ideas for their young children. There are many activities here that you may use with toddlers, pre-schoolers and even older children.


"The Boo Game" is a great way to review vocabulary words in any subject


Halloween Story with Portrayal Movement-

To imitate action words in the story. To engage in cumulative movement patterns.

Halloween Stations-

To practice the manipulative skills of overhand throwing, underhand throwing, backhand throwing, and striking, as well as the fundamental motor skill of pushing.


Hallowe'en and Pumpkins Songs & Poems-

Witches, Halloween, skeletons, cats, scarecrows.


Halloween Holiday-

Children learn to acquire music elements: mood, tone, melody, rhythm, harmony, long before they can give these elements a definition name or characteristics.

This is a Halloween 2-digit addition with regrouping worksheet idea

What Would Halloween be Like Without the Ecuadorian Rainforest?-

Students will understand that food comes from far away places and, as a result, has hidden costs associated with its production.


"Halloween Writing Prompt"-

"This is a great writing prompt one of my fellow teachers has given me to do with my class."


Here continents and oceans are plotted on a pumpkin globe



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Autumn crafts for kids

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21st-Century Decision Making




Author James Surowiecki explains how the decision-making ability of a diverse group of people is more effective than that of individuals.


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