Pirate Quiz

from Peter Macinnis


1.  How many men were on the dead man's chest?
(A) 15
(B) 24
(C) 16
(D) 17

2.  When Francis Drake was a privateer, what nation's ships did he attack?
(A) France
(B) Netherlands
(C) Denmark
(D) Spain

3.  Which writer created the fictional character Long John Silver?
(A) Charles Dickens
(B) Robert Louis Stevenson
(C) Mark Twain
(D) Rudyard Kipling

4.  Which play, first performed in 1904, features Captain Hook?
(A) Coral Island
(B) Peter Pan
(C) Captain Blood
(D) Treasure Island

5.  How did Captain Hook lose his hand?
(A) He lost it in a fight
(B) Peter Pan cut it off
(C) He lost it in a shipwreck
(D) A crocodile ate it

6.  What was the real name of the pirate known as Blackbeard?
(A) William Kidd
(B) Henry Morgan
(C) Mary Read
(D) Edward Teach

7.  Which group of pirates took their name from dried meat?
(A) Caribbean pirates
(B) Privateers
(C) Buccaneers
(D) Barbary pirates

8.  Which writer created the fictional pirate, Captain Blood?
(A) Rafael Sabatini
(B) Charles Dickens
(C) Daniel Defoe
(D) J. M. Barrie

9.  Which pirate was knighted by King Charles II in 1674?
(A) William Kidd
(B) Francis Drake
(C) Henry Morgan
(D) Edward Teach

10.  What made Black Bart Roberts unlike most other pirates?
(A) He was a teetotaler
(B) He was celibate
(C) He did not smoke or eat meat
(D) He was actually a woman

11.  Which pirate helped Jackson defend New Orleans in 1815?
(A) William Kidd
(B) Jean Lafitte
(C) Henry Morgan
(D) Anne Bonny

12.  What is the little-known other name of 'The Pirates of Penzance'?
(A) Virtue Rewarded
(B) Bunthorne's Bride
(C) Box and Cox
(D) The Slave of Duty

13.  Which Roman leader was captured by pirates as a young man, paid
more than the ransom they demanded, then came back and crucified most of
(A) Julius Caesar
(B) Pompey
(C) Crassus
(D) Octavian

14.  Which pirate was hanged in London in 1701, and had his corpse
displayed in an iron cage?
(A) Edward Teach
(B) Henry Morgan
(C) Francis Drake
(D) William Kidd

15.  Ogden Nash wrote a poem in which a dragon ate a pirate. What was
the dragon's name?
(A) Cheery Blossom
(B) Hagworm
(C) Blink
(D) Custard

16.  What made Calico Jack's crew unlike most other pirate crews?
(A) It contained seven ordained ministers
(B) It included many races
(C) It included women
(D) It included children as young as seven

17.  Which pirates did Thomas Jefferson's USA go to war with?
(A) Malay pirates
(B) Barbary pirates
(C) Madagascan pirates
(D) Caribbean pirates

18.  In 1631, Algerian pirates took 107 townspeople as slaves from which
Irish port?
(A) Baltimore
(B) Dublin
(C) Cork
(D) Galway

19.  Who is believed to be the 'Captain Johnson' who wrote 'A General
History of the Most Notorious Pirates'?
(A) Samuel Johnson
(B) Rafael Sabatini
(C) Daniel Defoe
(D) J. M. Barrie

20.  Long John Silver was based on a real-life editor and poet. What was
his name?
(A) Samuel Johnson
(B) Henry Newbolt
(C) W. E. Henley
(D) John Keats

1.   A
2.   D
3.   B
4.   B
5.   D

6.   D
7.   C
8.   A
9.   C
10.  A
11.  B
12.  D
13.  A
14.  D
15.  D
16.  C
17.  B
18.  A
19.  C
20.  C

Peter Macinnis       petermacinnis@ozemail.com.au








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