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Watch a video of Peter Rabbit by Beatrix Potter

For children, sight word recognition is an important step to being able to efficiently learn to read. If they don’t have to stop and consider what each word is, they will have the freedom to comprehend the meaning and context of sentences and paragraphs.
Consequently, it’s critical for parents, babysitters, guardians, grandparents and educators to help beginning readers

Animal Stories

(one of the many uses for these books is in character education)

See also Animal biographies.htm

Many times animals show wonderful characteristics like love and caring, attentiveness, respect and friendship.

Alex and Me about a gray parrot

Hero dogs : courageous canines in action

        by Donna M. Jackson.

Presents a variety of stories about working and rescue dogs who help humans in many
ways, such as those involved in the work at the World Trade Center site after the
disaster of September 11, 2001.
 Shelter dogs : amazing stories of adopted strays

Peg Kehret ; photographs by Greg Farrar.

Tells the stories of eight stray dogs that were adopted from animal shelters and
went on to become service dogs, actors, and heroes.
Shelter dogs : amazing stories of adopted strays

Owen & Mzee books by Isabel Hatkoff, Craig Hatkoff, and Dr. Paula Kahumbu. 

Pets to the rescue - a leveled series by Andrew Clements 

based on true animal hero stories: Ringo saves the day; Tara and Tyree; Dolores and the big fire.

My dog, my hero. by Betsy Byars has a fiction short story book called 

These stories all demonstragte strength, loyalty, and a sense of doing the
right thing for others' sake, even at the expense of the animal's own safety.


First flight : a mother hummingbird’s story / Noriko and Don Carroll

The incredible truth about motherhood / Bradley Trevor Greive

Ice bears / Brenda Z. Guiberson ; illustrated by Ilya Spirin

A koala’s world / written and illustrated by Caroline Arnold

A wombat’s world / written and illustrated by Caroline Arnold

Close to you : how animals bond / Kimiko Kajikawa

Animal families / [written and edited by Lorrie Mack]

Like people / Ingrid and Dieter Schubert

Babies on the go / Linda Ashman ; illustrated by Jane Dyer

Mama’s wild child, papa’s wild child / Dianna Aston ; illustrated by Nora Hilb

Mama : a true story in which a baby hippo loses his mama during the tsunami, but
finds a new home and a new mama / Jeanette Winter


"Tango Makes Three" is a great true story about two penguins who adopt an abandoned baby penguin in the Boston Zoo. It has been a little controversialbecause it is two male penguins who do the adopting and some people are against this idea :(. But that is irrelevant because it is a true story!



 THE TWO BOBBIESa true story of Hurricane Katrina, friendship, and survival  by Kirby Larson and Mary Nethery


Chibi: a true story from Japan by Barbara Brenner

  Its a true story of a family of ducks living in the Mitsui Office Park and Imperial Gardens in Japan, that had many people interested and watching them.  It was also made into a movie called Little Duck Tale made by the Discovery Channel back in 1985!


any stories by James Herriot. 

Jane Goodall has two books, The Chimpanzee Family Book and  The Chimpanzees I Love. 

Eckert, Allan.  Incident at Hawk's Hill.
Taylor, Theodore.  The Trouble With Tuck [a seeing eye dog for a blind dog]


Jane Goodall's book Ricki and Henry (might be spelled Ricky and Henri....)


Hero Cat by Eileen Spinelli

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