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on topics like:

public speaking,

paper decluttering

successful meetings





Ten Secrets

What is your Sphere of Influence?

The shift

The Power Of Love. Overcome your fear

Positive Thinking Every Day: an Inspiration for Each Day of the Year

Karmic Relationships

Our Greatest Fear

Free chapter from No Glass Ceiling


The Don't Quit Poem

Finding Joy


Public Speaking

Guy Kawasaki - the Art of the Start

Vocal Power

Bono's preek.  Bono's Keynote Address at the 54th National Prayer

Overcome the fear of public speaking

Public Speaking Success Strategies

The Speaker

Public Speaking Success Strategies

PowerPoint Lessons - 4

Killer Presentations

Thirst - Winner, World's best presentation contest

How not to make a PowerPoint

How to get rid of annoying vocal pops and clicks

Designing Effective Slides Using Powerpoint

Embed Youtube Video into Powerpoint

Pivotal Video - Garr Reynolds

Why I love public speaking and What I think about the subject

Guy Kawasaki - the Art of the Start

Look for Loneliness



Malcolm Gladwell on the challenge of hiring in the modern world

Holiday Word Of Mouth

PR is now about creating experience and being a "professional relationship" expert

Jim Rohn - How Much should You be Paid?



Cosby on Parenting


Watch and Read (for kids)

High School Musical III



The Secret to Teaching, Education and Superior Classroom Management

Primary Special Needs - Tackling Challenging Behaviour 1

A Vision of Students today

Comic Life - Creating a page template

Disrupting Class

Education - Today and tomorrow

Growing up online

How to Speak

Sir Ken Robinson - Do schools kill creativity?

Microsoft Learning Essentials

The Octopus and Evaluating Online Resources

One Woman's Wanderings with Web 2.0

Primary Special Needs - Tackling Challenging Behaviour I

Angela Maiers Puzzle lesson

Reading and Writing with Preschool and Primary children

Research @ your library part II

The Road to Meaning

21st Century Decision Making


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