How to Improve the Energies of your Home

Does your home attract positive people and prosperity? Are you living in and enjoying your environment? Whether the answer is no, or yes, the hints I am sharing will benefit you


Welcome Home

Walking into a familiar haven after a day’s work or outing can feel so unassuming. There is a slight adrenalin rush knowing you are about to step into your own sanctuary.  The shoes get kicked off; the kettle put on to boil and it is time to mellow out with a cup of tea, coffee and for some, a wine. The first sip is ecstasy. Within your own four walls, whether it is a caravan, tent, mansion or shanty, you are allowed to be ‘YOU’.


The tangible ‘bricks and mortar’ aspect of your home can absorb and reflect your personality. It attracts what and who you are. Is it attracting the abundance you deserve? Have you control over your environment?


Tips on How to Improve the Energies of your Home

I am not a feng shui expert and have given up on working out directions and all the technicalities. I am an intuitive and go with what feels right for me and advise that you do the same. Let’s start the tour at the threshold, which is described as the mouth that nourishes the home.)


  1. A welcome mat serves as more than a shoe wiper. The word ‘WELCOME’ tells the world that you are ready to receive visitors bearing gifts of friendship, love, happiness, wealth and health. It also relays the message that you are happy to give of your hospitality.
  2. An exemplar passage way allows an air flow throughout the home. This is lost when the front and back door are in line, or there is a mirror throwing the energy back.  A painting of a water-fall will have a similar effect to a mirror.  Chi leaves as quickly as it arrives when it is reflected.
  3. A bad omen is to have the toilet in direct sight of the entry way. If this is the case, always leave the lavatory door closed.  Regardless of toilet position, always leave the cover down. Apart from the germs, it is said that money flushes down the potty that has its lid up.
  4. Do not be in the habit of dumping shopping bags, shoes, umbrellas and so on at the front door. Keep the area clear of clutter.
  5. A small table near the entrance with a few crystals, a bell, flowers or plant is ideal. An angel photo or statue of Archangel Michael is a reminder that the angels protect your space.
  6. A candle glow or small light guides the energy towards your home. We have a candle burning in our entrance area with a fake $100 note underneath as a stimulant.
  7. If your home is facing mountains or you live in a dry area, a flowing fountain can be placed in the front yard or near the entrance. Mountains supporting the energy from the back and water at the front are optimal.  Too much drenching though can drown your fortune.
  8. Just as I explained the entrance as the mouth, the living areas can be the heart of the home. Fresh fruit, flowers, plants, crystals, shells and happy family snaps all contribute to the semblance.
  9. Ward off negative radiation from electronics with a combination of clear quartz crystals and heavy stones such as Black Tourmaline, Smoky Quartz or Jasper.
  10.   Set the mood with sound. Sing, put on an uplifting CD, have fun with a bell or drum and listen with your eyes … you will notice the difference.
  11. Laugh! If you are a grumpy-bum then visitors to your home will feel uncomfortable. Laughter lifts the vibrations.
  12. Pets are wonderful, but be aware that savage animals are negative to have in your home, whereas cuddly pets give a loving cosy feel. Kitty Litter should be well away from the living area.
  13.  Clean your home regularly. You don’t have to have it spotless, but at least pleasantly clean and neat. If you are a busy person with little time for cleaning then at the least always empty your kitchen garbage daily.
  14.  Dark homes are gloomy. Think about how much natural light filters through. Are your walls too dark? Are the drapes too heavy? Contrary to this is a home in tropical climates with too much light.
  15.  Name your place of residence.


No matter where you live, the bottom-line is how happy you are in your abode. If you would rather be elsewhere, but are restricted then consider following a few of the suggested hints and watch the difference.


Name Your Home

The name of our home is ‘Tir-Na-Nog’.   ‘Tir-Na-Nog’ is an Irish fairy-tale describing a place of utopia where happiness lasts forever and ever.  As legend tells, it is an island located beyond the edge of the map.  The journey is dangerous and hard to endure, but the destination is rewarding. One might be lucky to receive an invitation from the fairy habitants, in which case the passage of transit is made easy. Suffering, sickness and death do not exist in the ‘Land of the Young’ as it is a place of eternal youth and beauty.


Affirmation for the Home
This affirmation can be written on the back of a drawing or a picture of your dream home.
“I am now living in, and enjoying the energy of my dream home. My home attracts only positive people and prosperity.”


Dawn Alice is a Brisbane Psychic and Author, who has superior knowledge of the Tarot and Numerology with expertise in the area of metaphysics. Dawn Alice is also a Reiki Master with a deep understanding of Crystal and Colour Therapy.  Visit Dawn's Profile at