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Ten Tips to Stop Tiredness and Fatigue


When we are tired we can become ill, as we can't be bothered to look after ourselves. When we are tired we can get down and become bad tempered and irritable. Tiredness can also kill. Car accidents, workplace accidents, mishaps at home and so on, can all be caused by tiredness. So here are ten tips to help you stop tiredness and fatigue and to build your energy and stamina.


  1. Slow down:
    Go, go, go ... being on the go all day long can feel invigorating until you stop! Then the tiredness can knock you out so you feel exhausted. Don't be on the go all day. Slow down. Take tea breaks. Take lunch breaks. Have a stretch break. Have a rest break. Alternate activity with rest and you might find your tiredness stops.


  1. Stop trying to do everything:
    Each one of us can only do so much in a day. Tiredness can occur when we do too much. We can become depleted when we drive ourselves to perform, achieve or please everyone. If you want to stop tiredness, then stop trying to do everything. Be selective. Know your priorities and do them. When you are doing your priorities your stamina will last longer, as your stamina gets recharged along the way.


  1. Get a good night’s sleep:
    Ah! The luxury of a wonderful cosy bed, in a nice dark and quiet room, feeling peaceful and sleeping well. Good quality sleep recharges our batteries, it rejuvenates us, it stops tiredness, fatigue and exhaustion. Do everything you can to sleep well, every day. Get regular, good quality sleep to stop fatigue and overcome exhaustion.


  1. Reduce your stress:
    Stress and tension can eat away at your energy at an alarming speed. When you worry, fret and get anxious about things you are chewing up your energy. To stop tiredness and fatigue therefore, take care of yourself and reduce your stress and tension. There are many ways to relax. A relaxed contented person usually has healthier energy levels and more stamina than a stressed and tense one.


  1. Eat well for you:
    The food you eat has a high impact on how you feel and how high your energy levels are. Eat the foods that don't leave you feeling tired after eating. Choose to eat the foods that leave you feeling alert and vital. Often high fat foods, for instance, can clog up your whole system, and once the initial "yummy" taste has passed you are left feeling tired and worn-out.


  1. Choose your social activities carefully:
    Are your social activities leaving your tired? Partying all night can leave people on a short-term high and long-term exhaustion. Constantly being stimulated and excited, and interacting endlessly with people, can run down energy and make people tired and exhausted. Driving around from one place to another, propping up the bar in the pub or being with negative people can make you tired and use up your stamina quickly. Pick a good balance of social activities that re-charge your energy and give yourself time to rest as well.


  1. Say "no" to your children:
    If you have children or teenagers there is always the danger that you will run yourself ragged if you give into their constant demands to be driven or taken "here, there and everywhere". Sometimes you might have more energy if you say "no" to some demands. I know one single Mum, of three children, who says "no" to running her children around on Sundays, for example, so she has one day of rest. Six out of seven days as a taxi driver seems more than fair. Her stamina gets recharged on Sundays!


  1. Exercise:
    No matter how much you hate it, exercise is a necessity. Even when people are tired and can't be bothered to go for a walk, if they do it they can come back afterwards feeling more energised. It may sound odd but sometimes we have to spend energy to get energy. Sometimes we have to test our stamina to strengthen our stamina. Finding a friend to walk with can help motivate some people to exercise, while having a dog to take for a walk can help others. Motivate yourself somehow to exercise.


  1. Meditate:
    When I get home from work tired, I meditate. Afterwards I have more energy. Meditation can recharge people's batteries and stop tiredness from taking over. Tai chi, yoga and similar activities can also help people reduce tiredness.


  1. Expect and adapt to change:
    People who want everything to be "just right" and to stay the same - can become exhausted and run-down. We live in a world of raging change. Expecting things or wanting things to stay the same may wear you out. If you accept change energy may flow more easily and your stamina stay strong.

Source: Developing your communication skills and emotional intelligence for greater clarity, calm and confidence.


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Glycaemic Index: 5 minute CHOICE
We’re used to the idea of good fats and bad fats. Now, it seems, some carbohydrates might be healthier for us than others. But despite the hype, there’s not yet conclusive evidence that low-GI foods are either generally health-promoting or slimming.


Many non-pharmacological approaches exist to improve falling asleep and staying asleep. Doctors and health professionals may suggest any of the following, depending on the type of sleep disruption, the person's situation, and their specific sleep needs.



Move it or Lose it 

People today are spending longer hours at work, in front of their computers,

So what is the answer? 
Movement prevents productivity attrition.





Pilates - is it the exercise for you?

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Optimism Increases Productivity

How am I going to get through all this work?
I don't know what will happen if I fail?
What happens if we don't meet the sales budget?
I hope that I don't get sick!

If this is a familiar train of thought then you are in trouble!

Pessimism has been found to not only increase stress, but also increases incidence of illness &  absenteeism, tiredness, slower recovery from surgery, low self esteem, and causes the under use  of abilities.

You simply cannot afford to 'put up' with a bad mood, having a miserable day, or negative colleagues.  Pessimism will drain both your productivity and quality of life.






Don't fall into the ‘Superwoman' Syndrome.  Have more time, more energy and more fun in your life. Here's how.