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What you do speaks so loud that I cannot hear what you say.

 -- Ralph Waldo Emerson (bio)


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Negotiating can be a challenge. Sometimes we watch successful negotiators at work and wonder if it is an ability they were born with. But with a little time, information and preparation you can head for the negotiating table with confidence.

Ten Steps to Win-Win Negotiating.

1. Be prepared. Define your objectives and use lateral thinking to brainstorm possible ways they can be achieved.

2. Research the other party’s objectives and brainstorm the methods they may use. “Find the edge” – any pressure points or hidden agendas. “Information is power.”

3. Prepare yourself and the way you use the venue. Choose your seating for power, your clothes and your attitude.

4. Establish a cordial relationship on opening the meeting. Specify the aims of the meeting.

5. Raise less contentious issues first.

6. Promote harmony, minimise the negatives and articulate areas of commonality.

7. “Win-win” means compromises on both sides, so be prepared to bargain. Start with two lists – your must-haves and your might-haves, and start with a higher level than you expect to obtain. Highlight the contribution of your concession to the other person’s objectives.

8. Be prepared to release information at times beneficial to your cause. Use silence.

9. Listen for surprises.

10. Articulate the agreed outcomes and any timelines, or they may collapse.

Use detailed preparation and the win-win method and you have the tools to approach negotiation with confidence. 

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