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Pilates - is it the exercise for you?

Visit our fact sheet to find out.


Dehydration and Sport
Water is essential for numerous functions in the body. When the body's fluid levels become depleted, through increased sweating and/or inadequate fluid intake, dehydration can occur. Almost all levels of dehydration are associated with a reduction in sports performance.

Approaches to sleeping better

Many non-pharmacological approaches exist to improve falling asleep and staying asleep. Doctors and health professionals may suggest any of the following, depending on the type of sleep disruption, the person's situation, and their specific sleep needs.


Exercise adds years to life and improves quality, researchers say

Exercise is a lot like spinach -- everybody knows it's good for you; yet many people still avoid it, forgoing its potential health benefits.

But researchers at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign who study the effects of exercise on aging point to new findings that may inspire people to get up, get out and get moving on a regular basis. The research team, led by kinesiology professor Edward McAuley, found that previously sedentary seniors who incorporated exercise into their lifestyles not only improved physical function, but experienced psychological benefits as well.


Ten Tips to stop tiredness and fatigue

When we are tired we can become ill, as we can't be bothered to look after ourselves. When we are tired we can get down and become bad tempered and irritable. Tiredness can also kill. Car accidents, workplace accidents, mishaps at home and so on, can all be caused by tiredness. So here are ten tips to help you stop tiredness and fatigue and to build your energy and stamina.



Don't just eat, nourish yourself


Nourishment is about more than eating. It is about intention. Not everything you put into your mouth is nutritious. Many processed, treated, and refined foods lack any nutritional value at all. They are laced with chemicals and preservatives. They are high in salt, sugar, and unhealthy fat. In other words, they offer a lot of what you don’t need and very little of what you do.


How much do you want to lose weight?

Losing weight seems to be a very common goal. More than half the population in the western world say they want to lose weight at any one time.

But do they really want it?

Or is losing weight one of those things that we would all like to do if it was easy but just can't be bothered with if it takes any effort at all?

Is it like wanting to be rich, where we are happy to buy a lottery ticket ("It might just come up") every week but are not prepared to work our tails off to achieve any real wealth?

How much do you want to lose weight? Do you want it enough to change your habits?


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Create Your Ideal Body by Terri Levine

Glycaemic Index: 5 minute CHOICE
We’re used to the idea of good fats and bad fats. Now, it seems, some carbohydrates might be healthier for us than others. But despite the hype, there’s not yet conclusive evidence that low-GI foods are either generally health-promoting or slimming.

Free stress quiz


This quiz is free.  There are 25 quick questions and it takes about  two to three minutes to complete.
Then get your FREE results immediately.

"These questions are based on a thorough review of today's most current research pertaining to stress. For your maximum benefit, please be honest ..."


Colour-coded diets

Based on the clever titles, it might be tempting to dismiss these  programs as gimmicks, and in fact when your weekly menus are
literally "color coded," it might seem that the diet book authors  are just scrambling for a new hook or premise on which to base an  entire eating program. I have not read any of those books you mentioned yet, so I can't  comment on any of them specifically. However, as "gimmicky" as
 from every color in the rainbow may sound at first, there is  some very legitimate and scientific evidence that this is a great idea.


Science in the News — A Passport to Never-Never Land


Forget white noise machines and warm milk before bed. According to researcher Hans-Peter Landolt, the key to a good night's sleep may be in your genes. Landolt and his team at the University of Zurich, Switzerland, have identified the "slumber gene" - a particular variant of a gene that produces an enzyme called adenosine deaminase (ADA). In a groundbreaking study published in the October 25, 2005 issue of the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences (PNAS), Landolt demonstrated that individuals carrying the slumber variant ADA gene sleep considerably more soundly than everyone else. In addition to providing new insight into the biological mechanisms surrounding sleep, Landolt's work may someday lead to new treatments for insomnia and other sleep disorders.



Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder

 Attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) is a condition that makes it hard for affected children to control their behaviour and pay attention. It is sometimes referred to as ADD (attention deficit disorder).