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Good Girls Do Sell: The Modern Businesswoman’s Guide to Authentic Selling



The fact is…women account for the majority of the newly self-employed and whether you think so or not, you need to become the sales person in your business when you decide to go it alone.

If you feel challenged by the thought of doing this, then Good Girls do Sell will provide you with the methods to overcome your selling reluctance.

This book is invaluable for all the entrepreneurs who desire the success and want the know-how to build their business using authentic selling techniques.


Find out why…

• Sales scripts aren’t authentic and don’t work

• Customers who get what they want are willing to pay more

• Your perception will influence the entire sales process

Imagine how empowered you’ll feel when you are confident and brave in every sales exchange.

By following the steps in this book, you will find out how.

About the Author:  Pivotal Business Member:  Janeen Vosper

She has the runs on the board and knows the processes described in Good Girls do Sell work. Having coached high performing, commissioned-based sales teams, Janeen knows exactly what it takes to inspire top results. She was instrumental in the expansion of a multi-million dollar business by applying the authentic selling techniques you will read about in this book.

The book is available from Amazon

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You can have everything in life you want if …

You can't send a duck to Eagle School

[From the author, Mac Anderson]

A few years ago I had lunch with a top executive from a company known for their legendary retail service. My wife and I are both huge fans, and over lunch I shared with him some of the great service stories his people had provided the Anderson family. I said, "With the service your people give...you must have a training manual 2 inches thick." He looked up and said, "Mac, we don't have a training manual. What we do is find the best people we can find and we empower them to do whatever it takes to satisfy the customer." Then he said something I'll never forget. He said, "We learned a long time ago that you can't send a duck to eagle school." "Excuse me," I said. He repeated..."You can't send a duck to eagle school." He said, "You can't teach someone to smile, you can't teach someone to want to serve, you can't teach personality. What we can do, however, is hire people who have those qualities and we can then teach them about our products and teach them our culture."

As long as I live I will never forget this simple analogy about hiring people. It is branded on my brain forever. And since that day, with every hiring decision I've made, I find myself asking the questions: "Am I hiring a duck thinking they will become an eagle?" I can also honestly say that asking this simple question has saved me from making some important hiring mistakes. I just wish I'd heard it 20 years sooner.

The "Duck to Eagle School" lesson is one of many "simple truths" of leadership that I've learned on my journey as an entrepreneur. In the past 30 years, I've had the good fortune to be involved with three successful start up companies, each becoming a leader in its niche. And, as you can imagine, there have been many peaks, valleys and "lessons learned" along the way. I've also been very fortunate to have met a lot of people who are a lot smarter than I. Successful entrepreneurs, authors, speakers, educators, coaches, and CEO's of large companies, have all helped shape my thinking. It has been their wisdom and their knowledge, combined with my own life experiences, that have helped shape who I am today.
My goal with this little book is to share some of my "lessons learned" in a brief, but engaging way. Because so many times, it's not what is said, but how it is said, that turns the switch from off to on. For me, one of the most exciting things about business and life, is that one great idea can change our life forever.

To watch our 3 minute movie or to look inside the book, just click here.

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Sales presentation success

Initially he was angry...
He just received a $500 bill from a plumber and the plumber was in his home for less than 10 minutes.
That's when he questioned the plumber...
"How can you charge $500 for less than 10 minutes of work when all you did was bang a couple pipes?"
The plumber's response was simple...
"Well sir, it's $5 for the 10 minutes I was here and $495 for knowing exactly where to bang the pipe!"
The lesson is simple...
The difference between failure and success is sometimes very small.
However, knowing exactly what to tweak can be the difference between making a few hundred dollars or a few thousand dollars.
Here's a few real-world examples:
When you click that link, you'll find a detailed video presentation where you'll hear how a few simple (but very powerful) persuasion techniques can very quickly translate into thousands of extra sales.
Little tweaks... big returns.
It's about knowing "what" to tweak in your sales presentation and how to tweak it to get the absolute best result.
Some of the stories you'll hear about are fascinating...
All they did was tweak a few minor things but the results were dramatic...
One person went from selling zero one week to $82,000 the next.
Another person averaged over $250,000 from each of his next 5 presentations.
One student did over $500,000 in one of his very next sales presentations using these "tweaks".
Please understand something...
These aren't major changes to the content of their presentation.
They are subtle selling techniques that have an enormous difference to your bottom line.
In fact, after this training, countless students  are now averaging over 20% in their closing ratio.
If you have ever wanted to sell more of your products and services then you need to go watch this video as soon as possible.
I know you'll enjoy it.
Take care.
P.S  Click on the link below right now, because the seminar offer expires soon.
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Want a six-figure week?

If you have a web presence, surely you've at least thought about launching a product or program if you haven’t already done so.

Have you achieved the maximum results you desire?

Ali Brown hasn't only attempted it--she's perfected it into an art form. In fact, she recently sold over 600k worth of a product in just ONE WEEK and she is now ready to show you how she did it.

The best part of it all is that Ali focuses on making the process as simple as possible.

If you want in on this simple, step by step process to make YOUR product and program launch easy and lucrative, then you'll want to sign up for her upcoming call.

On Wednesday, March 31 at 8pm Eastern time, Ali will present:
"Secrets to Enjoying Six-Figure Online Product and Program Launches." Do your business justice by participating, and learn how to access the specifics you’ll need to execute an amazing launch! Please reserve now:

Here's what you’ll take away from this 75-minute complimentary call:

*The five simple steps it takes to plan an extremely profitable online launch for your products and programs.

*How to pull off a six-figure launch with little to no team or staff.

*Ways to keep your launch simple yet successful – using tools you're likely already using or are even FREE -- NO complex webinars or videos required. It's all about maximizing what you already have!

*Secrets to using social media for your launches – Twitter and Facebook can work wonders even for those of you with small or nonexistent email lists.

*Exciting details on the debut of her BRAND NEW "Product Launch System," which will lay out for you, step-by-step, how to do your own profitable launch with ease.

Again, learn more and register for this complimentary call taking place on Wednesday, March 31 by visiting:

Consider yourself cordially invited to this one-time event. It's been engineered especially for entrepreneurs who would like to generate greater response and more money when launching a product, program, or event online.

See you on the call!

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Using Pain and Pleasure to Win the Sale

Traditional sales training teaches that the sales process starts with needs. Find out what your prospects need and then give it to them. The trouble is that it isn’t strictly true. Your customers are not motivated to buy what they need. Your customers are motivated to buy what they want. >>> read more

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Creating Add-On Options to Explode Your Income During Tough Times

with Warren Evans, CSP and Kit Grant, CSP

You’re most likely leaving money on the table in most of your engagements. By building in non-standard services, you can increase each client’s bill significantly, while adding tremendous value. Discover additional revenue sources from each engagement and expand your possibilities with tools and tips that positively impact your relationship with the client. Differentiate yourself in the marketplace by altering your perceptions of that relationship and taking action on steps that others may not be aware of.
You will learn:
• how successful speakers add value and revenue from the first conversation
• some common missteps that are costing you money
• keys to dramatically increasing repeat and referral business
• how to use your on-stage performance as a key marketing tool

Click here for all the details ...

Special Limited-Time Offer:
If you want more information on other ways to expand your business, we’re suggesting the MP3 recordings of several earlier programs to complement this program:
• “Establish Client MasterMind Groups for Ongoing, Significant Income and Results” with Steve Miller
• “Subscription Products: Getting Customers to Pay You Again and Again (and Again)” with Ron Rosenberg
With your order of this teleseminar, CD or MP3, at checkout you will be offered these recordings.

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Flipping traditional marketing on its head

Traditional marketing is broken. You need to flip it on its head by putting the customer first and embracing the concept of marketing lagniappe.


Connecting with and selling to power buyers

Connecting with and Selling to
Power Buyers

with Josiane Chriqui Feigon

Josiane Feigon

You’ve increased your prospecting and marketing efforts but now realize you have invested too much time aligning with the wrong people. In today’s unpredictable economic landscape, it’s not unusual to spend time with buyers who have no power and no potential, yet make you believe they can actually do something.

There is business out there, you just have to work smarter to uncover it and get to the decision makers — the Power Buyers. It is harder than ever, but when you learn the right techniques, you’ll get more business. This session helps you focus on the Power Buyer: how to recognize them, what to say to them and if you really deserve to speak with them.

You’ll learn how to:

  • find the Power Buyers — how to recognize verbal and visual Power Buyer signs and what are common characteristics of people with high influence.
  • engage with Power Buyers — when you finally get to the Power Buyer, what do you say and how do you align and package your offerings with high value that creates curiosity and intrigue?
  • move out of the “No-Po Zone” — don’t get fooled into believing the ones with No Power and No Potential will actually do anything. Stop listening with your Happy Ears.
  • understand Power Buyer objections — you’ve been hit with a tidal wave of objections, but do you believe them all and where are they coming from?
  • determine if you are Power Buyer Worthy — do you have the self-confidence, knowledge and courage to believe you have something important to say?


Register for the 13th October or order the CD or MP3 recording. Note: Everyone who registers for the teleseminar will get the MP3 recording of the session for free.

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Be Prepared! … from the Little Red Book of Selling

What do you need to know about the prospect’s business to engage? I mean if you just walk in the door and say, “Tell me a little bit about your business,” how unprepared does that make you look? Answer: TOTALLY UNPREPARED. Prepared is going to their website and printing out several strategic pages, reading them, and making notes so you can ask about what you don’t understand, or need elaboration on—not asking about them from TOTAL IGNORANCE.

NOTE: Just so we understand each other, “Tell me a little about your business,” is the third dumbest thing you can say to or ask a prospect. The second is “Let me tell you a little about my business.” The prospect couldn’t CARE LESS about you or your business, and probably already knows enough to not want to hear it again. The first most dumbest? I’ll tell you later. Let’s talk about where to find out information about a prospect and his or her business before your sales call.

1. The Internet. Don’t just look up their site. Enter their company name on Google or other search engines like dogpile.com and see what pops up. There may be an article or other important information. Then enter the name of the person you’re meeting with. Then enter the name of the CEO. Then tell me why you’re not meeting with the CEO. (Just a little jab there.) By the way, if you look up the name of the person you’re meeting with and you find nothing, that also tells you something.

2. Their literature. Even though it’s we-we, it has the basic “brags” covered and may talk about shifts in emphasis and market coverage. It also tells you what they think of themselves and their products.

3. Their vendors. Usually reluctant talkers, but they can tell you what it’s like to do business with them and all about how you are going to be paid—valuable information to say the least. Vendors are a rarely used resource.

4. Their competition. Oh man, talk about dirt, here it is. Just ask casual questions about how they win business—it will tell you what it will be like to negotiate with them. By the way, the more their competition hates them, the better they usually are. Competitors hate the people who take business away from them.

5. Their customers. Customers talk. And they are the real word on delivery, organization, quality, and the subtle information that can give you an insightful competitive advantage.

6. People in your network who may know them. A quick e-mail to your inside group asking for information will always net a fact or two and may just be the bonanza you were looking for.

7. Their other employees. Occasionally the admin will help, but don’t count on it. A better bet is their PR department or their marketing department.

8. The best and least used resource: Their sales department. Salespeople will tell you anything. You can get details you won’t believe.

8.5 Google yourself. Want some pain? Look up your own name. Where are you? What’s your Internet position? Suppose they are looking you up. What will they find? If it’s nothing, that’s a report card on you.

And it’s not just Internet preparation. It’s other research, such as finding mutual friends, calling a few vendors, maybe a few customers. Getting VITAL information as it relates to the buying of your product or service. There’s one more thing in preparation: Be prepared with an objective or two about what you want to accomplish in the meeting.

Proper preparation takes time, but I assure you it’s impressive to the prospect. He or she knows that you have prepared, and is silently impressed. It’s an advantage that very few salespeople use. They make the fatal error of getting all their own stuff ready. PowerPoint slides, samples, literature, business cards—you know, all the same things the competition is doing. Biggest mistake in sales. And almost every salesperson makes it.

And it’s not only preparation about the sale—it’s your personal preparation for sales—your personal training. How ready are you? Get ready baby. Turn off the TV and get ready.

—Jeffrey Gitomer

He’s off the wall, in your face and on the money! Check out these Super Sales Packages from Jeffrey Gitomer at a great price!

Click on this title to Buy the Little Red Book of Selling: 12.5 Principles of Sales Greatness

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Increase Your Business NOW by Dialing for Relationships

with Jim Mathis, CSP

Jim MathisWinners do what their competition won’t. Few people like cold calling. But when business is down you have to do what you don’t like to do to keep afloat. So you might as well learn to be great at it — and possibly learn to like it along the way.

Jim will show you simple, easy-to-follow steps to grow your business on the telephone. He’ll include phone scripts, motivation to market, and voice mail tools. He’ll share how to get past the gatekeeper (even if you don’t know the meeting planner’s name), what to say to meeting planners when you get them, and how to use the telephone to increase your business in a challenging economy.

Even if you have someone else call for you, you need to have this information so you know how to help them do even better.

You will learn:

  • 4 great sources for prospects
  • a successful script with a killer opening line
  • how to get past the gatekeeper almost every time
  • what to do when the meeting planner is not in
  • how to get hired on the phone
  • how to motivate yourself to keep you booked in a challenging economy
  • an industry that will pay you to advertise your speaking career

Register (the date of the seminar is Wednesday 19th August) or order the CD or MP3 recording.
Note: people who register for the teleseminar will get the MP3 recording of the session for free.