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Milk Carton Pirate Ship

(From DLTK Crafts)


  • 2 milk cartons
  • 2 straws
  • playdough
  • yellow, black and white construction paper
  • glue, scissors and tape

ALTERNATIVE:  use craft foam instead of construction paper and you'll have a ship that you can play with in the bathtub.

milk carton pirate ship craft

  • tape a piece of construction paper about 1/2 way up the milk carton as shown in the photo to the right.
  • tape black construction paper all the way up the back of the milk carton, leaving about 1 inch sticking up over the carton
  • tape white construction paper over the rest of the milk carton
  • glue two blobs of playdough into the center of the pirate ship
  • cut a two to three inch piece off the bottom of the second milk carton.
  • Tape it onto the ship (covering the playdough)
  • poke two holes in it (with a pencil) right above the playdough blobs
  • cover with white construction paper
  • stick two straws through the holes you poked in the top carton
  • cut two large rectangles and two small rectangles from yellow construction paper
  • poke two holes in each rectangle with scissors or a hole punch and thread onto the straws as masts
  • draw windows and a door with markers
  • Cut yellow circles and glue them to the side of the ship as portholes
  • Add a gangplank made of cardboard.



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